How Quickly Can You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

By  //  September 21, 2021

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Cleaning your carpets periodically is a mandatory task that will ensure proper cleaning maintaining of your flooring while keeping the indoor air clean, and prolonging the lifespan of expensive rugs and carpets. Carpets are known to trap large amounts of dust and dirt and they can rapidly turn into breeding grounds for numerous forms of harmful bacteria.

Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will make all the difference.

If you are curious to learn how much would it take to have all your rugs cleaned around the house, these next few lines should answer your question.

How Far In Advance To Book Professional Carpet Cleaners?

If you plan on hiring an expert My Home Carpet Cleaning service to assist you with your area rug and carpet cleaning needs, you should first know how far in advance you should book their services.

While it is usually possible to book the cleaners for any amount of time in advance, you may need to make a few different phone calls to some local services to come across one that is actually available and ready to assist you at your desired date and time.

Know that the majority of reputable carpet cleaners provide 24/7 emergency cleaning services in case of sensitive staining accidents that require immediate solutions.

Also, book the cleaners while keeping in mind that you will need to give the carpets some time to dry. Usually, you will be advised to avoid walking on a freshly cleaned carpet for at least 24 hours. You will also need to discuss the furniture moving matter with the movers you plan on hiring.

They may be willing to move easy things such as your hairs, couches, and living room tables, couches, as well as some furniture items on wheels, but refuse to move any particularly heavy, expensive, or antique pieces of furniture or electronics. Plan ahead and make sure you can rely on help from neighbors or friends to tackle the moving of these items or book the services of a cleaner that will handle all the moving for you in exchange for an extra fee.

Think About The Necessary Setup Time

Give the cleaners enough time to relocate the agreed furniture items while also setting up their professional cleaning gear, including steam cleaners, tools for removing stains, electrical cables, cleaning hoses and others.

The Actual Carpet Cleaning Time

To many people’s surprise, the amount of time that will be allocated to cleaning the actual carpets and area rugs is the shortest throughout the entire process. For example, the carpeting in a 12 x 12 room can be cleaned in around 20 minutes on average.

A series of factors will determine this amount of time, including the current state of the carpeting, any heavy or old staining that may need to be tackled, or the chosen cleaning method. In order to realistically estimate the time that it would take for a professional carpet cleaner to clean all the carpeting inside your house, you will need to multiply the number of rooms you would want to be cleaned by 20 and obtain a rough estimate of this timeframe.

Carpet Drying Time

This is one of the longest steps of the process and it will be determined by the cleaners who will provide you with detailed instructions on the precise or approximate drying time for each of the rugs and carpets prior to their leaving.

In case of dry carpet cleaning, the respective carpeting should be readily available to walk on straight away, with no delays, and your regular furniture should also be safely moved on the freshly cleaned carpets.

In the case of steam cleaning, a minimum waiting time of 6 hours is usually recommended before you are advised to safely walk on the rug. At times, 24 hours or more might be necessary for all the furniture to be moved back in its place once again.

The exact drying time also depends on a series of factors such as the weather conditions. For example, during sunny and dry days, it is possible to considerably shorten the drying time by opening the windows and doors and allowing the rug to air dry a lot quicker than during cold days with high humidity.

The air-drying process can also be stimulated with the help of heaters that can bring the temperature up, as well as fans that can cause the air to move over the carpets and remove carry most of the moisture.

Always ask the professional carpet cleaner any additional questions you may have concerning the drying conditions and waiting times and see if they can provide you with further help for quicker drying.