25 Best Social Media Panels for Instagram & Titkok Followers

By  //  September 17, 2021

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In recent years, social media has surpassed just improving the connection between family and friends, messaging, and so on. It has become a force to be reckoned with in so many industries, from retail to entertainment, social media has become a must-have tool for any of the industries that wish to survive and thrive in the modern age.

It is due to this reason that many brands and businesses often hire expert social media marketers and managers to help them establish a solid and firm online ground. That is why in this article, we will highlight the best SMM panels that will boost your social media presence. 

Individuals have made millions off of social media alone by simply being appealing to large groups of people. However, it is not always balanced as you may have the best content but are unable to attract your target audience. Or you may attract an audience but it isn’t the right one. Or maybe you simply can’t hold on to them among a bunch of possible reasons. This is why SMM panels are necessary. 

Social Media Marketing Panels are online tools made by professionals of the social media space which are aimed at boosting your social media audience in the best, most organic way possible.

These panels have been around for a long time but have only recently been gaining light. It is due to this reason that many top SMM panels have come to join this industry, this has sadly paved the way for some incompetent and no-gooders to join the industry as well, such as frauds and scams.

This article saves you the stress of doing extensive research to know which SMM panel is actually efficient and legitimate. You will also be able to find the cheapest smm panel in the list below-

Best & Popular SMM Panels

#1. Most Trusted Panel – SocialPanel.io

#2. Quality Services – BulqFollowers

#3. Highly Recommended – SMMRush.net

#4. Top Rated  – SMMBuzz.net

#5. Great Support – SafeSMM


This is arguably the best SMM panel today, this is because it does everything. The Social Panel has a distinct and easy-to-use website which makes navigation super user-friendly, even for a nonexpert in SMM panels. 

It has services and plans that would suitably cater to your needs and help you generate the right amount of traffic on your social media page. It does not matter the social media platform as this top SMM panel works fabulously for any social media site that you can think of, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse, and even Linked In.

SocialPanel.io is very necessary in order for you to get the audience you need in a nick of time, and the best part is you only have to spend a logical amount. The Social Panel has different plans and services which would best suit your large needs on a small budget. In addition to spending minimally, you also have the option of being an affiliate to this cheapest SMM panel as it allows the user to sell the services bought from them to another user.


According to the site of this BulqFollowers, they claim to be the best SMM panel for YouTube in the world today. They also claim to offer the cheapest SMM panel options. Well, it isn’t far from the truth, BulqFollowers provides the user with so many features to choose from and at very inexpensive prices. So if you care about your engagements, likes, followers, views, and so on your social media account then this site is a very good SMM panel option for you.

If you have a YouTube channel that needs a little boost, you would find this SMM panel particularly helpful. This SMM panel for YouTube reported that 70-90 percent of their previous customers had begun using YouTube marketing to monetize their channels and scale their brands. This happened with the help of automated software that increases likes, views, subscribers, and video ranking which ultimately turn up on search results that are related to it more often. Being a great Instagram followers SMM Panel, its services can greatly expand your reach on Instagram as well. 

Nevertheless, it is considered a top SMM Panel for other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Spotify, and a total of four thousand more services! All these things have contributed towards making it the best smm panel for all social media. Moreover, you begin to see the results on your page from the day of payment.  

You can pay for this service via many popular options including Visa, Mastercard, PayU, Skrill, and even Bitcoin. The payment procedure is also a pay-as-you-go option so you would never have to spend more than is necessary. In addition, you are also able to contact the 24 /7 available customer care for any questions or inquiries you may have from the user-friendly website. 


Hands down one of the cheapest SMM panel services on the internet, SMMRush offers exceedingly good service at very affordable prices. This Instagram followers SMM panel doesn’t just save you money but also saves you the stress and time which comes from trying to grow organic and genuine followers, increased likes and shares, heightened impressions, more video views, and so on. 

It works wonderfully well on a myriad of social media platforms such as  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and if you are an artist, it also works with audiomack, Spotify, and the likes. The rates start from a measly $0.006 which shows that this might probably be the cheapest SMM panel. To purchase a plan from the Groom Insta, you would have to use PayPal which is a secure payment processing system and would save you from fraud, phishing, and so on. Being a  cheap SMM panel, SMMRush also takes care that it is accessible to people from all across the globe.


If you really are passionate about surmounting your business or brand through the use of social media with only a little to spend, then SMMBuzz.net should be among your first choices.

This cheap SMM panel provides the users with different services which would gratify their wants. With features such as organic followers boost to increase your audience and grant you a louder voice, organic likes to increase your engagements and the interactions to your posts, video views to increase your popularity and so on. 

Through the proper utilization of this SMM panel, the user might just be the next internet sensation. It works with a wide array of social media platforms including;  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and the likes. SMMBuzz.net also offers the user Search Engine Optimization functions in order to make your content rank high when related or similar content is being searched. They provide high-quality services just to boost your audiences and as mentioned earlier these are actual audiences i.e., real people. 

The price of this top SMM panel varies with the plans and subscriptions you might opt for; however, they are all very cost-effective. It also lets the user select a free trial to let you see for yourself the efficiency before you purchase any of their plans. There is no other cheap smm panel that can provide such services.


This social media marketing panel truly helps you reach the peak in terms of audiences and revenue which you can generate through your social media account. SafeSMM allows the user to reach a wonderful and preferred audience within a short period of time, regardless of the platform be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse, YouTube, and so on. At the same time, it has taken care to build its quality while providing cheap smm panel services.

To purchase a service from this SMM panel is fast, simple, and reliable. You get to choose a customized package that would suit your needs and budget. It also has resale value so if you are planning to trade SMM panels to a client then SafeSMM is a great option to consider and it’s a quick business too. Clearly, in all respects, it has turned into a top SMM panel for all social media requirements. 

The likes, followers, views, impressions and so on which you gain on your social media platform through the SafeSMM panel are all authentic and organic which means they last longer and help scale your business much better than the inorganic ones. You could also get to niche down your audience to a specific group of people who are attracted to your content, so it helps them find you better and join you quicker. From being an Instagram followers SMM panel to a YouTube growth SMM panel- there is nothing this site cannot do. 

Jasa SEO

Are you a musician or fast-rising artist looking to expand your audience, boost streams, and gain popularity? Then Jasa SEO is the perfect social media marketing panel for you. Although it works well with big social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in increasing likes, views, followers, and so on. But it works especially well with music streaming applications like Spotify to help you increase your views, downloads, streams, and the likes at a more considerable rate than most SMM panels which offer even close to the same service.

To boost your Spotify audience, the pricing scheme starts at $16.2, it features 3000 plays, 300 downloads, and 300 new organic followers with a maximum amount of 1000 per day. With this service and speed, you would not just be getting more popular but you would also be monetizing your Spotify account in no time.

As mentioned earlier, Jasa SEO works just as well with other platforms as well, you can purchase their own specific and unique plans to boost your audiences and get your voice heard. Since it is a highly cheap SMM panel, all this can be done at minimal costs.

Insta Faster

The name says it all, if you are looking to get your social media marketing needs to be sorted out fast then this is the perfect Instagram followers SMM panel to use. It is considered to be one of the best SMM panels for Instagram.

However, the name is also a bit deceiving as this panel doesn’t just work great with Instagram but it also performs miracles on your other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and so on. According to their website, they render 1300 services and more. Online platforms like TikTok have created a huge opportunity for people to explore new things. But it requires a certain audience to reach the top. That’s why users often look for sources to buy TikTok followers to grow faster. 

The prices of Insta Faster are also very cheap but vary depending on the social media platform and the service which you wish to purchase. On YouTube, for example, you can buy subscribers, views, shares, and so on with plans starting from $1.20.

You could also be a reseller with subscriptions as low as $10.20. Payment is easy as all you have to do is sign into the website navigate to the payment section and you would find a bunch of legit payment processors such as; PayPal, Payoneer, Pay TM, Credit Card, and so on. Just choose the one most preferred one, make your payment and watch wonders happen to your account. Making use of various payment options, it is also a Paypal SMM Panel.

SMM Heaven

By now you should know that you can be a reseller who would sell the services provided by an SMM panel to your client and claim your profit. If that is your aim then this SMM Heaven is the top choice for you. It has a very decent SMM child panel which makes the process of reselling easy and effective. 

However, this does not in any way reduce the quality of service that comes with this SMM Heaven if you intend to use it as an actual SMM panel for your social media account. It is unlike other platforms that take days to produce the effect of the service on your platform. With this SMM panel, your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. orders would begin to reflect on your account within seconds after the point of purchase

It also saves you the stress of what would have ordinarily taken years to achieve and grants it to you in a period of days and at extremely cheap rates. Starting from $0.01, so even in the most frugal of budgets, there is still enough space to fit in one of the SMM Heaven’s plans. Just as the site mentioned above, this is also a PayPal SMM panel.

YoYo media

This is another SMM panel that is an excellent choice for resellers as it provides great affordability rates and high reselling quality. YoYo media provides the user with top-notch services for whatever social media platform they may be interested in. For example for Facebook, the user is able to buy followers for their page, organic likes on their page and posts, and get themselves a very broad audience.

For Instagram and Tik Tok, you could buy followers and subscribers- actual ones, video views, views on your live streams and so much that it offers a service for perhaps anything you can think of.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the best Instagram followers SMM Panel today.

It also handles the user from start to finish ensuring your page goes from being a regular old and normal page to being a master in the industry. Being a PayPal SMM Panel, you can easily make one-time payments on this site.

Top SMM media

The name of this social media marketing tool tells you exactly what it does- it provides the user with top-notch social marketing services which would help them to become infallible in the social media space. This happens because their audience would only keep expanding and their brand would keep booming. 

Top SMM media is also a fantastic option for anyone looking to resell SMM panels to potential clients as it provides high quality at inexpensive rates- being the cheapest smm panel online. In addition, it goes above and beyond to provide ease and comfortability to the users through their ingenious interface on its website, the website is easy to use and navigate through.

Entirely compatible with as many social media platforms that you can think of, Top SMM media offers great services for each social media site. All you have to do is select from their bundles of services, the one that best serves your interest, and subscribes to it through their fast and secure payment processors, and just like that, you begin to see the developments on your profile. The site offers a range of payment modes like Mastercard, Visa, and facilities like PayPal SMM Panel mode. 

Instant fans

There is no exaggeration that this SMM panel for Instagram provides you with instant fans. Through this social media marketing panel, you will get a wider reach, amplified voice, and a thriving brand. It works great with all the major social media platforms which are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and more.

With well over 2 million services ordered and 100 thousand active users, you can be well certain that your social media profiles are in the right hands. Insta fans make the payment for their services very easy and secure as they are obviously cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Payments are made through Bitcoin, Altcoin but if you don’t trust digital money then you can use Web money or perfect money to make parents for their services.

Insta fans were officially launched in 2016, which makes it more remarkable that it has managed to reach that high number of users and services. This just goes to show that this SMM panel for Instagram executes its duty perfectly. You can check their official website to see if they are a PayPal SMM Panel as well.


The name says it all, SMM Panel.net is named after what it does best and that is helping your audience soar through the roof. It is most useful if you are in need of a wide Indian audience, as this SMM panel is based in India.

In addition, it is a really cheap SMM panel with services that are as cheap as $0.65 per 1000 website traffic, $4.62 per 1000 likes on your Facebook, and $15 per 1000 subscribers on your YouTube, other than the fact that all these are authentic they are also authentic. 

It doesn’t stop there as they also have services for a whole bunch of social media platforms. Payments can be made through Payoneer, Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and so on. PayPal is not one of the supported payment systems for this SMM panel as it is based in India. Hence there is no Paypal SMM panel mode.

Top 4 SMM

Not to be confused with Top SMM, Top 4 SMM performs the required tasks in its own unique and effective way. It delivers exactly what the user wants efficiently and almost immediately from the minute of purchase. 

This UK-based panel provides services for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok exclusively which is quite uncommon among SMM panels. This shows that they really focus on those sites because they believe that they would produce the best results.

Furthermore, to show you how much they believe in themselves, the Top 4 SMM panel for YouTube offers a new user a free trial to see for yourself how authentic their services are. The trial consists of 100 Instagram views and likes, 50 views and likes on Tik Tok, and 100 views on your YouTube videos.

After the free trial, you can purchase any of their actual services which include; 1000 YouTube subscribers at $44.90, you could also purchase the same number of Instagram followers at $4.99, and your Facebook page could have up to a thousand likes for $31.90. Their services do not stop there as they offer much more than that, and if you need bulk orders, then this is also the right SMM panel for the job.

You can make payments through the major payment processing systems, including; PayPal, Payoneer, Cards, Bitcoin, Samsung pay and so much more.


An SMM panel that doesn’t just render the user the top services but also pays you. SMM.net is giving users a total of $250 but you must qualify for the cash prize bonus, and to do so, you have to meet their stipulated rules and regulations as shown on their website.

This Russian SMM panel works wonders for your favorite social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and it even offers you website traffic to your website, all at reasonable prices. You can also navigate their website for other services which would best suit your interests. 

You can make payments through your Debit card and credit card, Paytm, Bitcoin, and so on and so forth.

Fast supply

Fast supply indeed supplies you with results fast, this SMM panel is yet another great option for resellers and affiliates. It offers a child panel that lets you purchase their services at a discount of 5 to 10%, that way you can turn a profit after making sales to your client(s). They support all the big social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even gives you website traffic.

It also gives the user the best services at an extremely cheap and affordable rate, with services just as 1000 likes on your Facebook page for $5.00, 1000 authentic subscribers on your YouTube channel for $14, and  $0.48 for 1000 website traffic to your website.

You can pay through any of the payment systems available on the site, such as Payeer, Paytm, Debit card and credit card, Bitcoin, and so on.

SMM Follows

With prices of services starting at $0.1, this is definitely one of the cheapest SMM panels you can find. SMM follows has years of experience in the social media marketing panel industry, no wonder they have been able to accumulate over seven million orders for their services- this shows just how tested and trusted they are.

It provides services for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok, and so much more. It also keeps the affiliate in mind through their considerate child panel services which let the reseller sell to their clients at their willing price, all the reseller or affiliate has to do is lease an SMM panel and pay SMM follows on a monthly basis.

To pay for this SMM follows, go to the website, log in or sign up and check the accepted payment methods which include Credit and Debit Card Payments, PayPal, Bitcoin, Altcoin, and so on. It is also a duly recognized Instagram followers SMM panel in the world. 


This SMM panel is filled with services and features which could make your profile go from being a regular page to being a sensation. It is one of the fastest ways to become an influencer overnight. And if you want the process to seem more natural, you could opt for the drip-feed feature which lets hot followers, likes, views, and so on accumulate over a period of time and not hit something that happened right away.

In addition, it also has the mass order feature which lets you order services in bulk, so if you have a couple of things to do and don’t have the time to order services one by one, then this would prove itself to be a useful and handy feature.

It also works for various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and even Twitter despite Twitter’s tough security. Marketereum also helps boost your online presence by allowing you to buy website views, clicks, and so on. It is very affordable and can be paid for through major payment methods and cryptocurrencies as well.

Just Another Panel

Don’t let the name fool you, this panel isn’t just random as it has qualities and features that will make you come back for more. If you are a business, brand, or individual that needs to increase their audience on whatever social media platform, then Just Another Panel should not be too far on your list of top SMM panels.

It is great for both users and resellers, resellers are able to buy services from the SMM panel and sell to clients while paying an affordable fee to this Just Another Panel. This panel is also not a bad choice for users as it offers services on many social media platforms, like increase YouTube video views, watch hours and subscribers, Increase Facebook likes, Increased Instagram followers, and so on.

It is very easy to use, just go on the website, log in or sign up if you are a new user, select the service you want and for what platform, then simply make payment through any of the fast and reliable payment methods provided on the site


This is a very famous SMM services provider which would also make you quite famous. The main hook that draws so many people to the site is the fact that their prices usually begin at a measly $0.1 per 1000 likes. This is very affordable and attractive. It is even more desirable to affiliates who hope to generate revenue as SMM panel resellers. 

They have a wide range of services on various social media platforms which makes them a good option if you want to do all your online audience enhancement from one place. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok are just some of the social media networks which it can work on and do a fabulous job there as well.

To enjoy these services, you would need to register on the site, pick one out of their myriad of options but if you want to do so much more. You could also select the mass order option, and make payment through the fast, easy, and reliable payment methods available on the site and now you can sit back and watch the effects on your profile.

Famous Panel

This SMM panel does exactly that- makes you famous. Everyone would know your brand or you if you decide to use it for personal gratification. It offers services on perhaps every major platform you can think of, after all, it is famous for a reason.

Famous Panel has an amazing record of over seven million services ordered and 57 thousand active users, it has accumulated these huge numbers through its eight years in the SMM panel business which shows that you, as well, have nothing to fear and can trust your social media presence in their hands.

The steps to begin enjoying their quality services are simple. First, you would need to sign up on their website, then you would deposit some funds into your brand-new account but don’t worry, your payment is going to be made through reliable payment processors. You also get a lifetime guarantee! 

Next,  select any of their services which you prefer, it also doesn’t hurt to surf through their services to see which one would suit your needs before you make payment. This is pretty easy to do because of how user-friendly their interface is. After all, this has been done, you would immediately begin noticing the changes in your social media profile


Without any password to your social media passwords required, this top SMM panel could provide you with outstanding results at a very quick pace. It has services that work on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and more. It is also a very good tool for anyone who has an interest in reselling social media panels.

SMM Guv provides high-quality services at a cheap price and within a quick time. Using this service requires money, although not a lot, it still requires that you pay. However, to sign up on the site is free, after that you would need to reimburse your account with funds, payment is fast and simple, just select any of the payment method options and pay the amount that is required for the service you wish to use.

Once successful, your activated account can now be used to select any service within your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are SMM panels cheap?

The answer largely depends on what type of SMM panel you decide to use although most pride themselves by claiming to be the cheapest SMM panel, if you do extensive research, you can find a cheaper one, however, cheap does not equate to quality.

Also, there are a whole bunch of plans and subscriptions on each SMM panel, and you can choose the one that most appropriately fits your budget

How long does it take an SMM panel to be active on my account?

It chiefly depends on the platform and the plan that you choose but typically, it takes a day for you to begin seeing the improvements on your profile on most SMM panels 

Is the SMM panel safe?

There are scores of users who have tested, tried, and recommended SMM panels which mean it is definitely safe and secure. It helps you boost your audience, gets your attention and who doesn’t like the right amount of attention, it is very necessary for businesses and brands who are looking for prospective customers and those that wish to retain their current customers.

Are the payment procedures secure?

Yes, most of the payment processing systems which have been adopted by many SMM panels are usually well known such as;  Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Altcoin, and so on. They are in charge of the transaction prices and are very popular and legitimate.

However, if you suspect shady activities and phishing make research before making payments through platforms that are not well known to you

Do I need an SMM service?

Why not, if you are a business, brand, or influencer, a top SMM panel can prove to be useful and time-saving. Instead of spending a year building a community, you could simply spend money to do so. You would have an organic community that would help your online presence thrive within a matter of days and/or weeks.


Today,  unlike a couple of years ago there are now well over 100 SMM panels with every SMM panel competing and trying to outdo each other, this is a good thing but it also means that there is no way of actually knowing which is the best smm panel. You also are not able to know which of the SMM panels are legitimate and which of them are frauds.

However, you need not worry as this list consists of the best SMM service providers today, that would also give you quality services that are aimed at boosting your online presence at affordable rates and at a quick pace too.