Lesser-Known Body Areas to Treat With Coolsculpting

By  //  September 1, 2021

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These days Coolsculpting needs little introduction. It has become one of the most trusted cosmetic procedures and body contouring treatments out there. For those who don’t have the time to go to the gym, nor the energy to exercise at home, Coolsculpting is a convenient option.

While the results may take 4 to 6 months to become fully visible, considering the non-invasive nature of the procedure and how easy it is to freeze fat away, Coolsculpting is definitely worth a try. CoolSculpting is available in numerous clinics across the country, and its presence is even larger in bigger cities like New York.

Because of its noninvasive nature booking an appointment is easy once you have found a reputable medical spa specializing in CoolSculpting procedures. 

But while many people know about the most common areas that are treated with Coolsculpting, such as the stomach, thighs, waist, and hips, there are a slew of other applications for fat freezing most don’t know about.

While these areas of treatment may not be as common as the aforementioned applications for Coolsculpting, they have also helped plenty of individuals improve their confidence by chiseling out their bodies and subsequently their self-image. 

Back Fat Removal

It’s easy to tell when you have fat on the front side of your body as all you really have to do is look in the mirror. This means that keeping track of your front should be easier as you can see what you’re dealing with. The back, on the other hand, lacks this advantage.

As a result, many people don’t know what to expect when they look at the fat on their back only to find all kinds of little clumps hiding away in different areas.

The Coolsculpting applicators are placed on a designated area of the back, where they produce temperatures cold enough to start apoptosis in the cells. This is when fat cells begin to die out because of the cold and gradually each cell detaches from the big clump.

With each cell dying out, the layer of fat shrinks until the fat has been visibly reduced in that area. This process happens on the back as the pockets of fat are gradually sculpted away, leaving behind a lean back so you can put on your favorite tops without having to worry about tearing them. 

Bra Fat Reduction

Those little layers of fat that like to overlap the bra straps are not always attractive. There is no doubt that they look good on some people, but if you don’t like how they look on you, then it’s best to reduce the back fat bra look. This is a special take on the Coolsculpting back fat treatment and it focuses on the specific areas that cause this phenomenon. 

By placing the fat freezing applicators on the designated areas, the procedure will freeze away the fat and reduce it so that it does not droop over any area of the bra. This has shown to be quite effective as many individuals felt a lot more comfortable putting on their bras after this excess fat was reduced and feeling great is what this treatment is all about. 

Coolsculpting Chin Fat

Double chins are a nuisance to a lot of people. It’s just a little pocket of fat that is in the most inconvenient of places and can ruin your photos and selfies. With just a little extra fold under the chin, it’s crazy to think how much the profile and jawline are no longer visible under the flab of extra skin.

The fat in this area of the body will rarely cause any physical discomfort outside of a little extra sweating, but it’s going to be a prominent part of most photos and selfies you take. Instead of having to strategically pose every time you take a photo or selfie to hide the double chin, why not get rid of it altogether?

You will find other treatments at cosmetic centers like Skinly Aesthetics that target this area of the body to treat the double chin. But what sets Coolsculpting apart is its non-invasiveness. Since the skin under the neck and around the chin is somewhat sensitive, even smaller surgical steps like injections could leave behind bruising and scarring.

With fat freezing, no marks are left behind after the procedure and patients are free to return to their daily routines. This is why Coolsculpting neck and chin treatments are so popular with clients, as the fat buildup here is quite common and is unfortunately very hard to get rid of through natural means. 

Yes, Even Coolsculpting Arms

That’s right: even arm fat isn’t safe from cryolipolysis. You could be very well built, with a solid physique, and strong muscles. Everything could be in its place except for one tiny problem: arm fat. Fat burns away differently among people, so fat that one person may find easy to reduce, you may find it quite difficult. This is often the case with arms.

Even after vigorous exercising, they may not budge. So your next best bet is freezing that extra fat away and allowing your arms to return to their natural state, with all the toned muscles and contours beautifully exposed.

Arm sculpting is commonly practiced by many professional cosmetic doctors and it has been known to produce breathtaking results. You can even target specific areas of the appendage, such as, for example, Coolsculpting upper arms, which targets the pockets of fat that like to droop under the triceps when you raise your arms. 

Is Coolsculpting Worth It?

And if so, who is it for? These are both excellent questions especially if this is your introduction to the treatment and you don’t really know much else about it. Coolsculpting is the perfect procedure for anyone looking to fine tune their physical appearance, chisel certain areas of their body, and reduce fat in key places to reach their desired self-image.

This can be done through natural means, of course; exercising and dieting are always recommended for people looking to reduce fat in a few inconvenient places. But if you’re looking for quick results in the shortest amount of time, and for little to no hassle, then fat freezing is definitely a great option.