BLXBuds Review: Are they worth the hype? This Review Breaks Down What You Need to Know

By  //  October 22, 2021

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What are the BLXBuds?

BLXBuds earbuds are the newest, most effective, TWS earbuds on the market. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to try them out, this BLXBuds review will be very helpful.

When big brand names started to come out with expensive earbuds, people were flocking in lines just to get their ears in them. But now that the hype has died down and customers have been flooding customer service with faulty products, other companies have designed better and more affordable earbuds for everyone to enjoy.

Unlike other earbuds, BLXBuds earbuds actually work. And they work WELL. Once you are playing music, you are instantly entranced by every single note. They are really the only true wireless earbuds you will ever need.

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Are BLXBuds legit?

Because BLXBuds are only sold online, you might be skeptical to buy them right away without taking them for a spin. They are true wireless earbuds and don’t even compare to expensive brand earbuds. This is why articles like this BLXBuds review can help you save you time and money.

Another great thing is, they have such a convenient return policy and customer service Help Center, it’s really no risk to you at all if you decide that they aren’t the right fit. This alone, supports the legitimacy of the product. Companies that don’t provide any return policy probably do so, knowing that their products won’t live up to the standards customers are looking for.

When you first open the box, there are no complicated instructions like other earbuds.

The package includes:

  •       1 pair of BLXBuds earbuds
  •       1 charging case for extended battery life
  •       1 Micro USB to USB-A charging cable
  •       1 set of small, medium, large ear tips
  •       1 instruction manual

     ●        1 warranty slip

They are ready to use once fully charged and last all day. They are similar to other earbuds when it comes to charging, so there are no surprises there. But the real shock is when you finally use them. The audio quality is amazing. Everything sounds clear, bold, loud (only when you want it to, of course). Perfect for working out, running, or just when you need some quiet time with your music.

How do BLXBuds work?

Other BLXBuds reviews from loyal customers say that BLXBuds are similar to other high-end earbuds, minus the expensive price tag.

They produce amazing sound quality and can last up to 4.5 hours in a row. They are comfortable enough to wear all day and perfect for any physical activity.

Do BLXBuds really work?

Yes. If you’re looking for earbuds that ‘do it all’, these are it. Another online BLXBuds review state “they are comparable to expensive high end audio buds and provide enjoyment for hours on end”. Unlike other earbuds, they are super durable and can take a little bit of a beating.

This doesn’t mean throw them on the ground or stomp on them, but they are definitely meant to be taken on the go. If you are in a rush or just someone who never has time to prepare for the day, you can easily toss them in your bag (in their case), without worrying that it will damage the product or affect the integrity of the internal mechanics at all.

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BLXBuds Features and Benefits

  •       Compact and perfect for people on the go or travel
  •       Protective charging case
  •       Auto-pairing after initial connection
  •       In-ear design that fits every ear comfortably
  •       Lightweight and modern design
  •       TWS dual stereo wireless
  •       Dual microphone call with one mic in each earbud
  •       10m / 33ft range from the device allows hands-free activity
  •       Bluetooth earbuds version: 5.1
  •       Compatible with most personal devices (iOS, Android, PC)
  •       Color is black with a transparent cover for a modern, sleek finish
  •       Earbud’s input: DC 3.7V 40mA
  •       Charging Case input: DC 5V 300mA output DC 5V 100mA
  •       Earbud’s battery life capacity: 40 mAh
  •       Full charge for earbuds: estimated 1 hour
  •       Full charge for charging case: estimated 1.5 hours
  •       Playtime: 4.5 hours
  •       Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  •       Audio format supported: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP/TWS
  •       Size: 75.3*35.5*33.5mm
  •       Weight: 44.5g (earbuds with the charging case)
  •       Water-resistant rating: IPX4

How are BLXBuds better compared to competitors?

Aside from this BLXBuds review, you might want to search for other resources to clarify some facts. Before trying out the BLXBuds earbuds for yourself, there are a few things that you should take notice of. For example, there are many common issues with other well-known earbuds. Here are a few of the noted mechanical issues:

  •       Patchy audio – Some people reported this happening in the middle of playing audio or when away from their device. BLXBuds earbuds do not have this issue because it has a very strong connection and great sound quality when in range.
  •       Static – Poor sound quality which is due to cheap materials and poor design.
  •       Random pausing throughout audio – This happens when the earbuds are away from the device and the connection is not strong enough. BLXBuds has a 10m / 33ft range, which allows more than enough distance to enjoy a hands-free experience.
  •       Automatic Connection Function – Feature is unavailable because of poor connection or complications with initial set up. BLXBuds makes the initial setup seamless and has an automatic connection there on after.
  •       Unable to connect to my phone – Some earbuds are not compatible with certain devices. BLXBuds are compatible with most devices, laptops, and computers. Only true wireless earbuds do not have this issue, unlike other main brands.
  •       Unable to connect to my laptop– Same as above, some earbuds are not compatible with certain devices. BLXBuds are compatible with most devices, laptops, and computers.
  •       Slow charging/won’t charge/poor battery life– This might happen with earbuds because they still require inconvenient methods of charging. Some cables might be frayed or the internal mechanics damaged by other elements. BLXBuds earbuds has a convenient charging case that also acts as a protective holding case and prevents outside elements from destroying the earbuds. Such as dirt, debris, and moisture.
  •       Battery life draining too fast- Even the most expensive earbuds might not last that long. BLXBuds earbuds lasts 4.5 hours on a full charge. This is plenty of time to run errands, workout, or do chores. And with the convenient charging case, you can charge them anywhere to keep them working strong all day.

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Where can I use BLXBuds?

Reading from all different online customer reviews, BLXBuds can be used anywhere. They are the perfect fit to stay in your ears all day without them falling out. This means any physical activity, even in wet weather conditions are suitable for BLXBuds earbuds.

Because they have a water resistance rating of IPX4, they can be used in light rain or drizzle. They are not suitable to be worn underwater, but still reliable and durable enough to wear in you are going for a run in the rain or other outdoor activities.

BLXBuds earbuds also have TWS dual stereo wireless, which makes them ideal to use when you are trying to relax and unwind. Many of their returning customers left BLXBuds reviews stating how they find them useful when they are in the workplace or other public areas, and they do not want to disturb other people in their environment.

Some also like using them when they are performing loud tasks such as mowing the lawn, vacuuming and other outdoor chores.


If there are still doubts about whether these are the right earbuds for you, these common questions will give the most basic breakdown of the product.

Does connecting BLXBuds to my smartphone drain its battery life any faster?

No. In the early days of smartphone technology, “battery life drain” may have been a concern.

Will these BLXBuds work with my smartphone?

Most likely. Bluetooth earbuds are supported by all devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops.

How long does BLXBuds take to charge?

Usually between 60 and 75 minutes for a full charge of battery life.

How much do BLXBuds cost?

BLXBuds earbuds are significantly more affordable than other earbuds on the market. A trusted BLXBuds review posted that, right now, they are only $49.99 for a pair.

This is 40% off of their usual price. The company always has really good deals and has great promos. The more you buy, the greater the deals are. This is what the deals are at the moment:

  •       1X BLXBuds – $49.99 (40% savings)
  •       2X BLXBuds – $99.99 (45% savings)
  •       3X BLXBuds – $111.99 (51% savings)
  •       4X BLXBuds – $136.99 (55% savings)

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Because of these amazing and reoccurring deals, many customers return to stock up on more. Reviews are very positive about the affordability and convenient online shipping. These true bluetooth and wireless earbuds are the perfect gift for any occasion, stocking stuffers for the holidays, people buy them to keep at home and work, and parents find these to be the best earbuds for their children.

Parents are even buying them for young children because they are durable and can be easily replaced if a child loses them. 

Where can I buy BLXBuds?

BLXBuds earbuds can only be purchased from their official site. Please don’t go looking for these earbuds anywhere else. There have already been reports of copycat products that DO NOT WORK. Don’t fall into these traps because they offer a better looking deal. This is the only place you can get them.

The ordering process is made super simple. There are preset packages that you can choose from, and you can clearly see the deal you are getting and how much you would be saving.

The only issue that some customer reviews stated is that the supply runs out fast. Some people thought they would first order a pair for themselves and then order more if they were satisfied with their results. But by the time they decided they wanted to order more, the supply had already run out and they had to wait until more had been shipped to their warehouse.

If you want to learn from these mistakes, it is best to order the quantity you want right away. There is no risk to you at all.

BLXBuds Pros

  •       Comfortability
  •       Different size earbuds to choose from
  •       Easy to use
  •       Easy, user-friendly set up
  •       Portability
  •       Quality
  •       Precision sound
  •       Clarity
  •       Volume is sharp and bold
  •       Long listening and play time
  •       Compatible with most devices and laptops
  •       Bluetooth earbuds mode made easy
  •       Affordability
  •       Great savings with the more you buy
  •       Package comes ready to use out of the box
  •       Sleek, modern design
  •       Durability
  •       Water resistance rating IPX4
  •       Answering calls made easy
  •       10m / 33ft range from device for hands free use

BLXBuds Cons

Only available online

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Final Verdict

For the price and quality, BLXBuds is definitely worth the purchase. They work amazingly for any kind of lifestyle. Whether you are on the go or just looking for a reliable pair of earbuds to enjoy when you are at home, these are the right fit.

They are super convenient and can be charged anywhere, even your laptop or car while you are driving. The hands-free feature means you can do things more safely without worrying about tangled wires and cords. This is the new way to stay connected.

For a safe purchase and more details, head to the BLXBuds Earbuds Store Today Here!

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