How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Find Love in Dating Apps

By  //  October 20, 2021

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Artificial intelligence is a direction in science that was first officially talked about back in 1956. But at that time, the concept only raised eyebrows. Scientists started paying more serious interest to AI in the nineties when early steps were made to combine it with robotics.

It’s worth mentioning that in 1997 a computer defeated the reigning world champion in the game of chess. These were the first successes in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

But in the nineties and early 2000s, artificial intelligence was still something very complex, incomprehensible to any ordinary person and completely distant. It was only after 2010 that the situation began to change. AI began to be actively implemented in a variety of areas, and today it has become a familiar phenomenon for millions of people.

How do you use artificial intelligence without noticing it?

You experience the results of artificial intelligence on a daily basis, even if you’re not aware of it.

For example:

1. Gmail’s email filters are constantly being trained and improved thanks to AI. They filter spam, categorize emails, and help organize your mail better. 

2. The social network Linkedin uses AI to select the best candidates for jobs and match potential employees with employers.

3. Pinterest and AliExpress have already learned how to analyze photos and objects that are shown in them in order to find the right things on the web. For example, you can take a photo of an item through the AliExpress app, and it will provide you with a list of the same or similar products on the site.

4. Chatbots in instant messengers have already become commonplace. With their help, you can do almost anything — buy train tickets, search for music, publish posts on social networks, order food, make banking transactions, and much more. And yes, these bots are constantly learning too.

5. Google has long been using artificial intelligence for smart search, which tries to predict user searches based on previous searches, sites visited, and other activities.

These are just a few of the modern uses of artificial intelligence, which have already firmly taken root in our daily lives and even become commonplace and ordinary. Innovative solutions in the field of online dating look much more interesting, so we’re going to take a deeper look at them.

AI in the dating industry: how modern technologies are changing the world of online dating

It’s no secret that dating sites and apps analyze user accounts to find the best matches and thus find the perfect pair. But how does that work?

First of all, we want to consider the principles behind the Hinge dating application, which uses a Nobel Prize-winning partner selection algorithm. Interestingly, that’s based on the already far from new Gale-Shapley algorithm, published by its authors back in 1962. According to the algorithm, provided with an equal number of men and women, it will all be able to find the most optimal pair and create a stable relationship. We recommend that you investigate the Gale-Shapley algorithm in more depth online. It’s very interesting.

Hinge analyzes user profiles and their actions in great detail, and takes into account almost everything:

 information that you provided in your profile

 answers to three questions that the application asks you

 likes you give to other users, and other actions

The more you use Hinge, the better the algorithm understands what kind of person is right for you and who to recommend you to date. A similar algorithm is used by popular online services including YouTube, Spotify, TikTok and others. You’ve probably noticed that they gradually learn and recommend content that you are likely to be interested in. If you go to someone else’s account, you will see that the recommendations are radically different. Hinge has a similar operating model, but tied to human qualities, interests and individual characteristics. 

Of course, Hinge is far from the only dating service that uses artificial intelligence. Similar solutions have already been implemented by other sites: 

 Denim — offers an individual AI manager to find the perfect match. 

 Tinder — has a Super Likeable function, able to predict what type of man or woman is best for a user. 

 HeyBlinkMe — provides a video streaming function. The algorithm analyzes the emotions and behavior of the participants during two minutes of the conversation. If the AI identifies dissatisfaction or unwillingness to communicate further from one of the participants, the video call will be cut off and it will not be possible to reconnect. But if communication is pleasant for both parties, you can continue with uninterrupted conversation. 

However, is everything as perfect as the developers tell us? And has artificial intelligence really developed so much that it is able to understand who is right for us better than we can ourselves? Not really!

Problems of using AI in online dating and their solution

Artificial intelligence isn’t perfect, that’s a fact. Sometimes it does manage to find a potentially good pair, but not every time. And let’s not forget that users of dating sites often lie in their profiles about themselves, their age, social status, interests, and so on.

The problem is that the AI is not yet so perfect as to understand what’s true in the user’s profile, and what’s an outright lie. Therefore, it may strongly advise you to match with a 20-year-old girl studying at a major university, when in fact a 40-year-old unemployed man may be hiding behind her profile. Experience shows that such cases do happen, though thankfully infrequently. 

There’s one more important point — not all of us want artificial intelligence to decide our destiny. Many are opposed to a soulless machine making a choice for them and sorting people according to some parameters known only to it. This means there are determined opponents to the introduction of AI and machine learning tools into the dating industry. 

Fortunately, there’s a great alternative — chat roulette sites. Even if the Chatroulette alternative exploits the capabilities of artificial intelligence, use is only minimal — to make the user’s stay on the site safer and more comfortable. For example, uses AI that analyzes user behavior, and if people behave inappropriately or violate the rules of the site, they are promptly banned.

Among other popular video chat roulette sites that use AI capabilities very carefully are: Omegle, CooMeet and Chatrandom.

AI is useful but trust your intuition first

Artificial intelligence can be a pretty handy assistant in online dating. However, you should definitely not rely on it alone. After all, it is imperfect. And we suspect it’ll be many years before we can confidently say that AI is finally working perfectly.

In the meantime, we advise you not to rely entirely on artificial intelligence algorithms, but to trust your own feelings and intuition above all else. So far, no algorithm can replace these. We hope you’ll find only interesting and pleasant friendships on the Internet, which in time will develop into a warm and strong relationship!