How to Apply for a Singapore IC?

By  //  October 20, 2021

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Owning an Identity Card is a must if you legally reside in Singapore. It looks like a small plastic card and is issued in 2 different colors depending on your residential status. Having one makes the ID checks faster and easier meaning you don’t need to pull out the actual passport book. Read the post to learn about the application process in detail.

1. Get Your Documents Ready

Those who want to apply for the IC must prepare their marriage and religious certificates, a current passport, and a digital photo. However, there are different requirements for citizens and residents. Check out the complete list on the official website of a Singapore Government Agency website.

2. Make Sure Your Photo Matches the Requirements

These are the most important things to know:

1. 3.5×4.5 cm and no more than 2 MB, with the head occupying 70% of the image

2. High quality, no blurs or glare in the frame

3. Photo no older than 3 months upon application

4. Allowed formats are jpeg, jpg, or png

5. No photoshop enhancements

You won’t have to worry about the format if you go to the photo center to get things done. However, it can be rather costly in the end. Besides, take the commute into consideration as well. If you want to save your time and money, it’s best to get everything done from home.

Useful Advice for Taking Your Photo at Home

Choose the Right Spot

Your face must be fully visible, with no shadows in the picture: it’s better to go for a well lit space or stand right in front of the window. Make sure the light doesn’t cause glare, or overexposure.

Dressing Up

There are no restrictions concerning your clothes. It’s preferable to opt for black to contrast with the white background. 

Your Posture

If you want to look confident and elegant, draw your chin up. It’ll improve your outlook and help you appear more neat and put together. 

Using a Tripod or Asking for Help

A selfie is an option, but that’s not the best idea and here’s why. First of all, your shoulders must remain straight and when holding a camera, they are bent. Secondly, the smartphone must be at least 1,5 meters away from your face for better results. Place a tripod at this distance or ask someone to assist you.

Online Editing Tool to Help You

Upload the image to a reliable Singapore online photo service and have it adjusted to be fit for online submission. The software will use its huge database to crop the image to the right measurements. It will also edit out the background and substitute it for a plain white without compromising the quality of the picture.

III. Submit the Application Online

Go to the ICA website and choose the service you need. After that, you’ll be asked to log in with your SingPass. It’s a personal account that contains most of your data in a digital format. You can get the SingPass authentication online.

Fill in the form, attach the documents with the photo and submit the application. This type of document requires your biometrics, so you should go to the ICA office for that.

The documents are usually processed within 3 days. Once the IC is ready, you’ll get a notification. Book an appointment through the eAppointment service to get it.

IC Validity

Unlike other documents, this ID doesn’t have a predetermined validity period. Instead, people must renew it at certain ages: 15, 30, and 55. The price depends on your status. Citizens pay less, only $10 SGD, while foreigners must spend $50 SGD to get the IC.

Never Lose Your IC

If you lose this document, you can have a new one issued. However, be ready to pay extra. If you do it once or twice, the renewal will be more expensive – $100 SGD and $300 SGD respectively. It’s a good stimulus to be more responsible with the ID.

Applying for the IC is easier than most people think, especially now with the help of online technologies. The same applies to photo editing services. Have the image adjusted from home to save time and money, as well as to avoid the utterly stressful “going there in-person” part.