How to Be Smart With the Electrical Energy Use

By  //  October 21, 2021

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Recently, the US Energy Administration reported the electrical energy use per state. Florida ranked as the fourth largest energy consuming in the country. Even though Florida is the second electrical energy producer, just after Texas, it consumes almost eight times the energy it produces.

What can you do to lower these numbers while saving a bit in the electrical energy bills? Here is how

10 ways to use electrical energy efficiently

It may look like your sole impact on the electrical energy issue is too little. However, it looks different when we see it as our contribution to a better use of electrical energy. For instance, these are 10 ways to reduce our electrical energy consumption:

 Pay attention to your habits

Take a look at your electrical energy bills to discover that heat and cooling are the most energy consuming of all activities. Marbe using these less oftens might help.

■ Use smart power strips

These ones can really help you save energy as it turns off any device being inactive during a period of time.

■ Install a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is a software to automatically turn off or reduce heating and cooling during specific times.

■ Use LED lights

Light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) use from 25 to 80 percent less electricity than regular bulbs. Take a look at the many options Lepro has.

■ Get energy efficient appliances

Even though their upfront price can be a bit high, it pays off in the long run as it helps save energy.

■ Reduce your usage of water heating

Water heating requires lots of energy. By simply reducing its usage, you will consume less electrical energy and save more.

■ Install energy efficient windows

Take a look at your windows to prevent heat loss. Sometimes, replacing single-pane windows with double-pane products helps.

■ Maintain your HVAC system

Checking your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system from time to time to make sure tubes are sealed or insulated.

■ Seal air leaks around your home

This is a great way to reduce your heating and cooling expenses. You want to first check vents, windows and doors, but also the attic.

■ Insulate your home

By insulating your home, you can keep it warmer on Winter and cooler on Summer. This way, you will use less electrical energy to heat/cool your home.

More on saving energy!

There will be times when someone would tell you that turning the lights off when you don’t need them will help. And it helps, for people living in their homes, but it is quite different when we are talking about a basement, workshop, supermarket that needs to be lit for long periods of time.

Indeed, using compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) would be a wasteful move as these bulbs consume more energy than LEDs and are less energy efficient. To bring light to wide places and still save electrical energy, these LED shop lights 4 foot will help.

Regulate your home heating / cooling process and use LED lights to reduce your electrical energy usage.

Save energy, be savvy, save money.