GIS Canada PR Reviews

By  //  October 12, 2021

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Is Canada your dream destination? Did you know that Canada has set itself an ambitious goal to invite over 1.3 million immigrants by the end of 2023?

Well, that implies your prospects of receiving a Canada PR card till 2023 are very high. However, applying for a PR might be a daunting task. To address this problem, Global Immigration Services is dedicated to making your Canadian immigration procedure as straightforward as possible.

So, what are the benefits of Canada PR? 

 Social benefits

Advantages in health care

The right to live, work and study in any Canadian province or territory.

Liberty to enjoy the same legal protections as Canadian citizens.

Flexibility in applying for citizenship in Canada

What are the ways for obtaining permanent residence in Canada?

To get permanent residence in Canada, a person must complete an application form under one of the program categories listed below.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Startup Visa

Work Permits

Express Entry Program

Family Sponsorship Program

Caregiver Program

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Quebec Selected Worker Program

Study Permits

What are the formalities for Canada PR?

The first stage in the immigration procedure to Canada is to select the appropriate visa category. Because there are so many various types of visas, you must make sure you apply for the correct one; otherwise, your application will get rejected. The next step is to double-check the visa application’s formalities.

Then you must accurately submit the documents as specified in the application. You cannot afford to miss out on any documents. Otherwise, your CRS scores for your visa application would be poor, and your chances of being picked will be reduced. After that, you must submit your application and await your ITA.

Within 60 days of getting your ITA, you must provide all the papers, including a police and medical verification certificate and many more.

How can GIS help?

Some of you may not be very confident regarding the process that has to be followed, and you might also don’t know how to acquire the necessary documents. Hence, GIS saves you priceless time and simplifies your Canadian immigration procedure.

The Canada immigration services provided by Global Immigration Services (GIS) incorporate complete assistance right from selecting the appropriate application program to the post-landing formalities.

The expert consultant at the GIS service desk evaluates your Express Entry application and chooses the correct visa category for your profile. Consultants carefully review the documents to ensure that there are no misrepresentations or errors that might stymie the application process.

They also give the applicants, document checklists and letter templates to assist them in keeping track of their required documents.

The Global Immigration Services (GIS) checklist, which is part of their Canada immigration service, assists applicants in ensuring that the applicant has the following documents:

Valid passport

Educational documents

Employment records

Language test proficiency results

Proof of funds 

Marriage/divorce certificate (in case applicable)

Medical certificate 

Self-attested documents

Other many more relevant documents according to the visa type. 

Based on the list of documents, consultants at GIS determine the CRS score of the applicants. If the CRS scores are less than the required CRS score, they even suggest ways to improve them. Besides that, their consultation service also includes assistance in the post Invitation To Apply (ITA) documentation process, such as assistance with a medical examination and police clearance certificates.

IELTS classes

In addition to the Canada immigration service, Global Immigration Services (GIS) also offers IELTS coaching facilities. is a well-reputed name amongst IELTS preparation candidates.

The consultants provide a self-paced course in conjunction with Canadian immigration services as one of their service plans, which includes a wide range of study material.

They provide a variety of eBooks, example answers, and courses on IELTS vocabulary and grammar to help students enhance their IELTS abilities and methods.

Job assistance

The other service of Global Immigration Services (GIS) is curated to help candidates acquire jobs in Canada. GIS consultants review the candidate’s CV and make the necessary modifications according to the employment market in Canada in this service package.

They also help their applicants by advertising their LinkedIn profiles to Canadian recruiters, agencies, and organizations. 

Wrap up GIS’s services are very reasonable and transparent. The firm, in no time, achieved its exceptional Canada PR track record. The company does not offer any promises that are not true. They make sure the Express Entry application process of candidates goes as smoothly as possible. It is no wonder that reviews for GIS are appreciative.