Malyk Santíago Under Fire After Fans Compares His New Look to Michael Jackson

By  //  October 12, 2021

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American model and content creator, Malyk Santíago, goes viral and is criticized by angry fans by comparing his new appearance to Michael Jackson.

Malyk Santíago has come a long way since rising to stardom as a famous American model and content creator. Many people have now become obsessed with talking about his appearance.

In a photo with 34 thousand likes on his Instagram page, Malyk Santíago was seen showing off his toned body, which also showed his face that looked dramatically different compared to what fans typically see of him on Instagram. 

The viral photo has again created some sparks and left fans with ongoing speculations towards Malyk Santíago, accusing him of going under the knife to look like the late American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson. 

With immense popularity comes various criticism from fans. That is something Mayk Santíago is still managing to get used to in his life as this isn’t the first time he has faced ongoing backlash over his appearance. 

Thanks to Plastic Surgery being the hot trend in today’s society, for people to go and change their appearances from the body to face, it’s become a frequent thing for people in the entertainment industry to make massive changes within their appearances for particular standpoints or self-confident building reasons. 

However,  not too many people are fond of going under the knife due to being pro-natural with themselves or have no desire to get any work done. Still, plastic surgery does spark a stigma which leads those who did get surgical work done with criticism. 

One individual that seems to be affected by criticism is Malyk Santíago. The controversy of his photo has caused a big uproar on the internet, with fans comparing his looks to Michael Jackson due to Malyk Santíago’s facial features changes mainly towards his nose that seems to have gotten a little small. 

Newer fans who are just now discovering him may not realize that Malyk Santíago is upfront with his fans about what he gets done when it comes to receiving minimal plastic surgery and has admitted that he did get rhinoplasty which is the reasoning on why his facial appearance may be drastically different. 

In the photo. Malyk Santíago does look to have lost face weight as well, which could be the main factor that made him look entirely different to the fans. It’s known that when someone gets surgical work done on their face and then loses face weight, their appearance, the surgery may drastically change a person’s face as a whole. 

While no one knows the actual reasons why he went under the knife to get his nose done after posting the viral photo, one sure thing is that Malyk was able to make a professional, delivered statement and be upfront with his newer audiences.

The viral photo is not the only time Malyk has shown off his new appearance on Instagram. He still deals with criticism but still manages to treat his fans across different platforms on social media with positivity and yet encouraging content. 

One of his most famous photos on Instagram, due to his unique aesthetic, was the key to the doors of his career and to what made him what he is today. His first Instagram post received over 1.1 million likes and over 10 million comments. Even as it remains to get tribute from fans and new followers of Malyk nationwide, further iterations of his creativity and uniqueness with art.