Paraphrase 2 – Google Extensions Top 7

By  //  October 27, 2021

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With Chrome extensions, you can increase productivity, reduce distractions, and source content all in the comfort of your browser. You have a lot of options, which is great. With just one click, you can become safer, smarter, and more productive with the tools available on the Google Chrome web store.

We’ve compiled the best of the best. Marketers who want to spend less time online should consider them.

These are some examples of the types of features that a Google Chrome Extension can add to Chrome: 

Blocking ads from being displayed 

Making Chrome run more efficiently by optimizing its memory usage 

Notes and to-do list add-ons for Chrome

Manage passwords 

Easy copying of text from any website

Record screen and webcam calls

Record & manage online Google meet attendance

Protects your privacy while browsing the web. 

Using extensions, you can perform tasks more quickly or gain more from the websites you visit. The majority of Chrome extensions are good, but some developers produce extensions that damage Chrome’s functionality. 

Adware developers, for example, can install chrome extensions that inject advertisements into web pages that you have viewed, change your search provider to a site they control, or change your new tab page. 

Benefits of Chrome Extensions:

Chrome extensions provide the following benefits: 

Data encryption for all browsing activities. 

By masking your IP address, you can browse anonymously

Chrome extension offers ad-free browsing 

The bandwidth is unlimited – there are no limits 

Go Dark Mode: 

As a default, every website on the internet has a white background and black text. A combination of these will adversely affect the user’s vision and consume a lot of battery power. The Godarkmode extension has multiple benefits that go unnoticed.

Google Chrome dark themes can also be used on PCs and phones. After applying this dark mode to your laptop or PC, you can work more comfortably in Google Chrome with the added benefit of relaxing your eyes. Today, dark mode on Google Chrome is a new trend in our technical world.

Most websites and applications support dark mode. This dark mode extension is a browser add-on that turns a website into a dark reader. This is made to give you the best viewing experience while also capturing your attention. 

Go Dark Mode Advantage:

Improves Eyesight 

It saves battery life and is simple to use.

Netflix Party Plus:

Netflix Party Plus is a new way to watch TV with friends over the internet. It can sync video playback to Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO, enabling group chat. People use Teleparty to connect with friends and plan long-distance movie nights and TV watch parties. 

The most popular app or plugin for watching Netflix with others is the Netflix party tool. With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing, it has grown in popularity.

■ Install the extension from the Chrome store

■ Open any of the top OTT streaming sites and search for the TV show or movie you want to watch with your friends. 

■ Once you have pinned the extension on Chrome’s address bar, it will include an “NPP” icon. Click it to select. 

■ Start a party, and then share the URL with your friends to create a watch party

As part of this extension, you can also chat with friends while watching a movie or TV show. You can also upload photos, emojis, and other content. 


Taking a screenshot of your current page can be done reliably and without requesting additional permissions! The simplest way is to take a full-page image of your current browser window. Do not use any third-party apps or manual editing. You can screen capture content with just one click. 

Key features 

■ Full Page Screen Capture

■ Single Webpage Capture

■ Custom Area Page Capture

■ Save as PDF & as image

■ Work on all sites

Steps to use 

■ Install the Go Screenshotting Chrome extension 

■ Pin it to the Chrome extensions bar

■ Visit the webpage you wish to capture 

■ Choose one of the three options 

■ Screencapture must be verified 

■ Download the screenshot in JPG or PDF format.

To capture a full-page screenshot, you will need to scroll to the absolute bottom of the desired webpage in order for the plugin the screen to grab the entire webpage. 

From the extension’s options, you can export your result as PNG, JPEG, or various PDF paper sizes. 

Screen Recorder Tool With Webcam Recorder

Another very beneficial Chrome extension especially for those people who want to screen capture and record online videos and webcam calls. Easily capture everything you need from your PC screen with this screen and webcam record extension. You can easily record your computer screen for video tutorials using screen recording functions, such as audio recording, webcam overlay, real-time drawing, scheduled recording, and 24-hour long-term recording.

Key Features:

■ High-quality screen recording with HD

■ Record webcam calls with a video cam

■ Screen and webcam can be recorded simultaneously

■ A built-in screen recorder can be enabled

■ A screen recorder without a watermark

■ No limit to screen recording

■ Instantly download video screenshots as Mp4

Steps to use:

■ Install the chrome screen recorder extension from the store

■ Depending on your preference, select from the 3 options provided in the tool

■ Choose the screen or tab you wish to record, enable the audio record option, and click start

■ When you are finished recording, stop the recording and download the screen recording to your computer

Attendance collector extension

Track and monitor attendance in G Meet with this online attendance collector extension. Keeping track of your Google Meet attendees can be cumbersome, especially when there are scores of participants. With Google Meet attendance, monitoring G Meet attendees’ presence becomes a piece of cake. This Google Chrome extension comes with a number of features.

Top 3 features:

 Quick attendance collection – Export an instant list of all participants in an ongoing meeting

■ Attendance Monitoring – A platform for teams to keep track of their goals, projects, and daily platform tasks.

■ Auto Admit – Choose to allow automatic admissions of desired participants to your meet session

Steps to use:

Install the attendance collector plugin  from the store

Pin it to the extension bar for easy access

Start your G-Meet session

Choose from the 3 options available based on your usage preference 

Strat tracking the attendance 

Youtube Ad Blocker:

 Adblock for YouTube hides ads from the YouTube home screen with an ad blocker. The program is available for free download. The application, as its name suggests, disables all advertisements on Youtube. If you watch a video on YouTube, you will notice it. 

We can help you if you are tired of advertising. It can be used immediately for free. Recently, YouTube videos are filled with advertisements.

Everyone began using this program because of the poor viewing quality. Thanks to the internet, millions of people have access to software like Youtube ad blocker.

Adblock for Youtube Ads: 

A large team of developers has developed an application that blocks YouTube ads. When you watch videos on YouTube, you won’t see any ads. You can get a plugin to block YouTube ads and a content filter for your browser. Additionally, annoying banner ads will be blocked while watching videos. 

This app has several features: – It blocks advertisements, banners, and pop-ups within video ads. 

 YouTube ads are not displayed on external sites.

Video ads on YouTube cannot contain pre-roll ads. 

This free program can be used whenever we wish to block ads on YouTube.

It’s a free plugin for your web browser that you can install easily.

Install it right away on your PC. With Youtube, you can watch videos without advertisements. 

Video Speeder:

The video speed controller works on all major OTT platforms with 0.5x and 0.75x speed up/slow down. With the Video Speed Controller, you can change video speed on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites that don’t support HTML5. With this extension, you can easily change the speed of HTML 5 videos, such as speeding up, slowing down, rewinding, or fast-forwarding.

Here is how to use:-

 Install the extension from the Chrome store

Pin it to the chrome extension bar for easy access

You can choose the speed settings, and they will automatically be applied to the video you are watching

You can make changes at any time

Key Benefits:

It can be used on all top OTT streaming platforms 

Online video slowdown and online video speedup options

Easily adjust the speed using the slider bar

Reset the playback speed to the default

Hide video speed controller option


Chrome extensions can increase your productivity, but they can be harmful as well. Excessive extensions can slow down your browser, defeating the purpose of using them in the first place. The key is moderation.  Stick to the free applications that are ideal for you, but don’t go crazy just because they’re free. Keep only the ones you use.