Quick Games for When You’re on the Move

By  //  October 28, 2021

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Try out some new apps for your morning commute.

Whether you’re on the morning commute, riding the bus into town, or killing time waiting for an appointment, sometimes you need a game that’s quick to pull out and start playing, but equally as quick to put away again. Not everybody has the luxury of time to read through page after page of instructions; the ideal game for you needs to be simple and intuitive, but not so simple that it’s boring.

We’ve rounded up some of the best quick play games for when you’ve got five minutes that you really need to fill. 


This game is so good, we’ve written about it before! The premise is really similar to one of the classic quick play games: Snake. There’s nothing wrong with the classic and there are still plenty of options for apps that will let you play the no frills version.

However, Powerline.io is a bang up to date Snake experience. In this game you’re a brightly colored snake that must eat cubes to get longer, just like in the original; the only difference is that you have to compete with other snakes to do it. If you manage to eat more cubes than other snakes then you’ll grow, whereas if you bump into another snake then you’ll have to start from scratch. It’s trickier, but just as much fun and in a cute color scheme too.

Casino Games

One of the most popular genres for the morning commute is casino games; they offer a wide variety, so that you can choose if you want the buzzy graphics of slots games, or the concentration of something like blackjack. The main thing is that they’re all fast paced, so if your bus stop turns up a little sooner than expected, you can still be ready for it.

If you want to get your brain ticking, then blackjack is a good option and there’s plenty of strategy to study if you really want to get good. For those who want something suitable for a brain that’s only just woken up, slots games make sense. They’re incredibly easy to play and great fun for those mornings when you need a bit of a pick-me-up.


There are lots of different domino variations to try.

There are plenty of different dominoes apps to download, though you have to be careful that you don’t get the pizza one by accident! Although dominoes fell out of favor a few years ago, the game has made a comeback. It is the perfect quick play game because you can pause whenever you like, but even a really long game of dominoes should never take more than half an hour or so.

The other great thing about dominoes is that, because it’s been around for so long, there are plenty of different variations to try. Once you feel like you’ve mastered the standard format, you can move onto all kinds of weird and wonderful varieties. Ever heard of chicken foot dominoes? Neither had we, but it exists!

Line Rider

Do you just want something silly to play? We all do occasionally, and Line Rider provides us with the perfect option. This game is browser based, so you can play on your phone or laptop. It asks that you simply draw a line and watch as a little stick figure on a toboggan slides down it.

You can make an enormous ski slope to the line rider’s death, or you can create loop-the-loops, huge jumps, plummets followed by slopes – the possibilities are endless. The nice thing about this game is that your imagination really is the only limit. People have made incredible creations on this super simple game, and there’s a whole YouTube community dedicated to showing them off.