Smoking Cessation Tips Worth Trying

By  //  October 17, 2021

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The negative health consequences of smoking cigarettes are widely documented. Most smokers, approximately 70 percent of adult smokers in the U.S. want to quit smoking. Of those, 55 percent have tried to quit in the past year.

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Sadly, less than eight percent (2.9 million people) succeeded in doing so for between six and 12 months, according to the CDC. In other words, most people who smoke cigarettes want to quit for their health, their families, and even their wallets.

But quitting isn’t easy. Or more people would succeed. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your odds of quitting longer so that you can improve your health, stop exposing your family to second-hand smoke, and declare financial independence from big tobacco.

Find a Safer Nicotine Replacement

There are quite a few options out there to consider for aiding you in your efforts to stop smoking. For those who need a nicotine replacement, there is nicotine gum, nicotine tablets, and even regular gum to help you manage any oral fixation you may have. It’s important to be careful that you’re not trading one addiction for another but using the replacement to taper your consumption of nicotine so you can gradually step away.

Another option is the use of vaping equipment and supplies, like Uwell, to help you get enough nicotine to take the edge off in a manner that is less harmful than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Just make sure you get a nicotine vaping prescription first, and order supplies from a reputable organization so you can reduce your risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and subpar ingredients in your vaping products. eJuice Deals has a lot to offer people considering making the switch to quit tobacco for good.

Create New Rituals

Part of the problem for many long-term smokers isn’t only the nicotine addiction. It is the ritual that goes along with lighting a cigarette and smoking it. The ritual of lighting up alone can help release “feel good” hormones in the body that help people feel calm and more relaxed before they’ve even taken a drag from the cigarette.

That is why it is important to find an activity that replicates or replaces the ritual if you want lasting success. It’s another reason that vaping or the use of e-cigarettes can be so helpful for your initial efforts to leave tobacco behind. While widely different than lighting an actual cigarette, there is still a ritual involved in using electronic cigarettes. One that can replace the ritual you’re trying to escape.

Identify and Avoid Triggering Events

Finally, certain things happen in your day that drive you to smoke. For some people, it is upon waking in the morning, after eating a meal, when under stress, etc. You need to identify specific events that trigger the urge to light up and create a plan that allows you to reduce the temptation so that you don’t give in to your desire.

Smoking cessation isn’t easy. You will have good days and bad days along the way. The key is to keep revisiting the steps listed above every time you falter on your journey.