Solid Gold Crosses: What Kinds are There?

By  //  October 17, 2021

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In the jewelry world, there has always been a wide variety of options to choose from among all the chokers, pendants, rings, or bracelets, but many of them are unknown. One of the pieces by which more doubts are generated are the gold crosses. And there are many varieties that exist of one of the most recognized jewels worldwide.

The solid gold crosses have always been a symbol loaded with symbolism, especially for the Christian religion. However, these have evolved and transformed over the years, and although they have not lost their symbolism, they have adapted to the latest fashions.

Why buy a gold cross?

Traditionally, golden crosses have become one of the most significant gifts at the birth of a child or when they are going to make their First Communion.

Although there are other reasons why these types of gifts continue to be made, from special occasions such as those mentioned above, to questions of faith, wearing a gold cross as a pendant will give a touch of elegance and timelessness to your look. Since it is a jewel that never goes out of style.

As with many other pieces, gold crosses can be found in many designs; in yellow gold and white gold, with zircons, without them, etc. This will allow you to choose a much more personalized, elegant, and sophisticated jewel according to the occasion in which you want to use it.

Buying a gold jewel means buying a quality jewel that will last forever, and that will remind you of all those unique and special moments.

What kind of gold crosses are there?

Simple cross of Christ

This is the most used and gifted cross for events such as First Communion. This type of gold cross can bear the crucifixion of Jesus or simply be the simple design of the gold cross.

Caravaca cross

It is one of the most recognized jewels worldwide, thanks to its meaning full of symbolism. In addition to representing the union of the material plane with the spiritual, it is used as a protection amulet. The Cross of Caravaca is identified by a double horizontal segment. It is usually a representation of Jesus Christ and in its lower part, an angel is included on each side.

Double cross pendant

This type of pendant is much more common to see in adults since they are usually more ornate or larger designs. The double cross pendants commonly combine shiny gold with matte gold to obtain a unique piece of optimal quality. A jewel that will last you forever.

Now that you know some of the most common types of gold crosses, remember you can find a wide selection of these unique jewels. Today, there are many people who buy gold crosses, as a gift for special occasions, although the main reason is for beliefs of faith or protection. So the crosses have become special jewels, with a well-defined character and that add elegance to those who wear them.