Top 13 Social Media Content Tools That’ll Speed Up Your Content

By  //  October 18, 2021

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Visual content on social networks always remains the priority for businesses and is an integral part of comprehensive SMM promotion. Thus, software development companies release more new apps to help users create quality content.

On the other hand, creating content without a thoughtful content marketing strategy and wise use of content optimization makes it difficult to focus your efforts and achieve success. Moreover, working on quality content is always time-consuming and challenging. That is why many resort to hiring content creators and then crediting them through author boxes.

To make the challenge easier, we’d like to share a selection of tools that will allow you to spend more time generating creative ideas for your social media posts, planning, researching, and, of course, creating new content. Let’s get started! 

Did you know? You can automate your social media posts with chatbots!

Benefits of Proper Visual Content 

■ Simplicity. Visual content helps better explain complex concepts to customers. The human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text. This means you’ll get your message to your customers much more efficiently via images and videos;

■ Emotional connection. Customers want to see the face of your company so they know they can trust you and that you care about them. For instance, Dropbox did that for its product by investing $50,000 in introductory videos. Soon the company’s conversion rate rose 10%, bringing in 5,000,000 new users and $24,000,000 in revenue;

■ Competitiveness. World-famous industry giants like Coca-Cola and Starbucks use strong visuals in their branding. To differentiate yourself from the competition, you need to create a unique brand identity.

■ Branding. A graphic-rich and video-heavy social media presence is key to engaging your audience and building a memorable brand. For example, cloud telephony company MyOperator started sharing witty yet knowledge content targeting sales and support professionals, their target audience. And they increased their LinkedIn followers growth by 3X now about to cross 20K.

■ Colorcinch is an intutive graphic design platform that allows you to craft beautiful visuals for your social media and blog posts. There are millions of stock photos, vector graphics & icons, masks, and overlays that you can play around with. And hundreds of AI-powered effects and filters that can turn any photo into a sketch, painting, cartoon and more with just a few clicks! It’s free and no sign-up is required. To access all features & effects and all graphics & icons, you can upgrade to its premum plan at $5.99 per month.

You don’t need to hire a designer to create quality visual content – use free and paid tools from our list below.

Top 13 Software Tools for Quality Content Creation

Bolide Movie Creator

Bolide Movie Creator represents a professional, yet so intuitive, software tool. Even a child can understand it! To make the creation process even more accessible, the dev team has posted detailed instructions on their official website. By the way, the interface is multilingual, which makes it affordable for everyone, standing out from the rest.

The tool allows you to create picture-in-picture and freeze frames, set transparency from 10 to 100%, overlap voice over videos, and more. You can also improve the sound quality in case you don’t have a high-quality mic. Bolide Movie Creator supports MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, MKV, VOB, DVD, and 3GP.

A regular user will be able to cut and merge fragments of videos, rotate video clips, overlay text and add titles, combine photos with video, changing its speed. You can also highlight any area in your vid, overlay a logo, and add any music to it. The tool also supports most of the formats used by car dashboard cams.


Crello is a cool, relatively new tool for creating graphics in various formats. There are thousands of templates, layouts, and design elements to choose from. Plus, you will definitely appreciate a great set of Crello fonts. You can use the service for free, however, there are certain layouts that cost $0.99.


InVideo is an online video creation platform with 1.5M+ users from 190+ countries. It brings in the simplicity of online video editors straight to your browser. It is great for creating video ads, promo videos, social media videos, and more. InVideo comes power-packed with 4000+ templates, premium stock media, text boxes, and more. InVideo’s free plan does not have an InVideo watermark which is a game-changer.


Stencil is a tool that has its own library of photos and icons to create images for posting on social networks. The free plan includes creating up to 10 images per month, and the paid version includes up to 50 images for $9 per month.

Sked Social

If you’re a visually-led brand, or manage clients that are visually led, you’ll want Sked Social.

As an Instagram-first social scheduling tool, Sked Social is built to get you the best out of Instagram and faster. A visual planner lets you craft the perfect grid without fiddling on your phone, queue lets you choose your preferred time to post so you can set and forget, and hashtag and creator search makes running a UGC (user generated content) campaign take minutes, not hours.


This tool was originally released to create presentations. However, from a certain time, they have also added a function to make videos. Prezi is very flexible – you can import your projects in the PPT format and convert them to videos.

The product is a creation of a Hungarian startup and allows you to create an incredibly dynamic presentation with customizable elements. It has long become one of the main tools in the work of many marketers and designers, including Tanya Zhang, a designer and founder of Nimble Made

Prezi allows you to make clear and high-quality video infographics, which is the main channel of perception of any research. The tool is praised for its original content presentation and detailed vector images. This allows you to create a video clip based on a single picture, which becomes a virtual map of the entire video.


HeyOrca is a social media management tool designed specifically for marketing agencies. In addition to making it quick and easy to schedule content for multiple clients, it has a powerful approval workflow, and loads of features to make content creation quick and easy.

A few of its star features include:

1. Text to media library – your clients can text images from their phones that automatically get stored in your media library

2. Canva integration – while creating and scheduling social media posts, you can instantly edit or create a new image from scratch in Canva without leaving the post editor.

3. Copy posts – with just a couple of clicks, you can copy one post across multiple social media platforms. You can also use the inline image editing features to customize your content 

Datis Mohsenipour, Director of Marketing & Partnerships at Outback Team Building & Training, shares that “HeyOrca is an insanely powerful social media tool for anyone that manages multiple brands or requires an approval workflow.”

Pablo (by Buffer)

With Pablo, you can quickly create images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is another service with a simple and straightforward interface. To create an image with text, you can upload your own picture or search for free images on PhotoStocks. Pablo is completely free and requires no subscriptions or registration.

Avid Media Composer

This editor was chosen for the official training program at the famous New York Film Academy. At first glance, the tool may seem complicated, but once you master it, it will allow you to do any post-production of clips in one window, without any professional help.

AMC belongs to the category of professional software and was released back in 1989. It’s responsible for quite a few Oscar-nominated films and Best Editing nominations at last year’s Academy Awards. 

The average user can make a multi-camera clip, overlay multiple soundtracks, graphics, and titles. AMC allows high-precision color correction and reads any media format. It also works with all resolutions (yes, even 4K). You can add motion effects, animations, 3D models using a 3D modeling software, and even fix auto-focus and unstable camera problems.


Canva has long been a popular service among SMM experts. Even with a free library of templates and design elements, it takes a few minutes to create an image. If the free version isn’t enough, you can extend the service for $12.99 per month + a 30-day free trial.


Fotor is a handy service for image processing and collage creation. If you are looking to create stylish content, there’s a large selection of collage templates, backgrounds, and additional embellishment elements. Most of the templates and images are available for free. Access to”Premium Elements” will cost you $3.99 per month. You can also use a 7-day trial period.


Makeagif is another online service for creating quality GIF animations from videos. It’s quite similar to most tools you find on the web in the way you can create GIFs so there shouldn’t be any problems with making one.

However, there are few customization tools you might like so be sure to test them. The service is completely free of charge.


Piktochart is the most popular tool for creating infographics. The free version offers 10 templates for infographics. A large library of backgrounds, images, icons, graphs, and design elements is also available.

Even if free templates in the library will not work for you, you can easily create your own project via a convenient in-built editor. The Pro version (paid) will grant access to more than 600 templates for $14 per month.


Venngage is a tool with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The database of templates is divided into themes, which helps you find the right format faster. In the free version, you’ll find everything you need, however, the service will only allow you to create up to 5 infographics. For $19 a month, though, you can use it without any limitations.


Rocketium is a service for creating quality video content from your images and shot videos. You can edit each individual object, add music, or record and add voice to your video. Don’t forget to choose the size and position of your video – landscape, portrait, or square – before you save it.

You can use the free rate and create up to 3 videos (with Rocketium branding) each month. The subscription will require from $49 to $149 per month – the cost depends on the number of videos you create.


Powtoon is a cool service for creating videos and presentations. Create your own videos from a blank slide or use pre-made templates and adjust any elements or add new ones. Powtoon will let you use it for $19 to $46 per month. There’s also a free plan – it won’t let you save your vid, but you can upload it on YouTube.


FlippingBook is a tool for creating engaging flipbooks from plain PDFs. In just a few simple steps you can convert your PDF to a flipbook, catalog, brochure, or ebook with a smooth page turning animation and interactive features. Then you can share a ready flipbook as a link via email, post it on social media, or embed it into your website.

This way, you can make your content easily accessible online, enhance your content delivery strategy, and boost your marketing and sales efforts.


Remember, you need to create quality visual content all the time. Use Pinterest to find and store ideas. Do your research and turn it into useful infographics, images, and videos. Follow hot trends, post memes, and stay in the know.

If you do it all right, your unique visual content will be attracting thousands of new potential customers for months or even years to come.