Top Destinations To Visit When In Brevard

By  //  October 20, 2021

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As we know Florida’s Space Coast is an amazing place for tourists to visit. The beautiful beaches, the warm climate, and the friendly welcome are underpinned by the draw of Orlando and Cape Canaveral.

The tourism industry in Brevard is undoubtedly getting its groove back as the local government rakes in $3.65 million worth of short-term rental taxes.

On top of that, the county also amassed a little over 5% of hotel room tourist development taxes, breaking their March and April 2019 records. The reason behind this record-breaking surge is none other than the county’s beaches and other beach tourism areas.

With the economic situation getting better, it won’t be long until other businesses like restaurants, malls, cruise, couriers, and others would also pick up the pace. If you consider unwinding or planning a little getaway, you might want to add Brevard to your list of must-visit places. Here are some Brevard destinations you would enjoy exploring!

Brevard cultural centers

The magnificent beaches are not the only tourist attraction in the county. As immortalized in their cultural centers, their culture and heritage are equally worthy of local and international attention. Here, you can find theaters, music societies, dance academies, and museums offering shows worthy of being featured in postcards sent through a courier.

Your tour won’t be complete unless you enjoy a boat ride with the Island Boat Lines and Indian River Queen. The waterways and wildlife of Brevard would never disappoint, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re touring within Sebastian, Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, or Titusville — you will get to experience all that Brevard has to offer.

County libraries

You would be surprised to learn that Brevard has over a million books displayed in their public libraries. What’s even better is that aside from the traditional hardbound or physical paperback books, they also have an extensive collection of the best audiobooks, over 24,000 videotapes, and around 24,562 DVDs. Use of these is for free!

If you’re in Brevard looking for a quiet place to study or work on a paper, you can also take advantage of the free study rooms their libraries have. This setup is perfect for students taking the state exams or those finishing their dissertations. You can get things done while also unwind and relax in a new environment.

If you’re considering this, you don’t have to pack all your stuff. You can still travel light just like a regular vacationer. And if you have resources or study materials to bring, have them delivered and sent back home by a courier service. A change of environment can most likely help you find that sought-after eureka moment.

Stunning beaches

Your trip to Brevard should come in full circle by visiting its world-renowned beaches. Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re in town for pure relaxation or study/work and recreation. You just don’t have any reason to miss the beaches.

The county is home to 71 miles of sandy coastline. You can visit the most popular Cocoa Beach and enjoy the crisp, calm air from the ocean. You can also try surfing and fishing within the county’s intercoastal waterways. Whatever floats your boat, go for it!


Brevard will always be one of the destinations for people looking for a breath of fresh air. It has the best coastlines, beaches, activities, and people. It’s also an excellent place for people looking for a new place to start a family. In fact, it’s very convenient to move your stuff from and to Brevard with the help of a  professional TNT courier. Whatever you intend to do at Brevard, you’ll find out that it has so much to offer.

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