Why Space Exploration Is So Important

By  //  October 26, 2021

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Ever since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the moon in the 60s, people have had an infatuation with space. Whether it is speculation through film or the educational side of space travel, humans have always had a deep-seeded interest in the workings of the rest of the universe.

But why is there so much interest in space all the time, and why should you care? Read on to find out how the exploration of space can impact and affect your own life.

Medical research 

It might seem baffling, but scientists have been running tests and conducting medical research to see if they can find cures for various diseases. 20 years ago, scientists discovered myostatin, a protein that limits the growth of muscles. By removing the protein, they noticed rapid muscle growth in mice, and they are now using this knowledge to search for cures for cancer, amongst other diseases.

Thanks to the rapid growth in these mice, they will be able to make some progress eventually, but it will take time, especially when, more often than not, people lose muscle mass when they come back from space. So in a way, space travel could be crucial to medical research.   

Everyday materials

Some of the materials you use daily were created as a result of tests carried out under the unique conditions provided by space travel. Things like scratch-resistant glass and ceramic tops were tested in space to see how durable they really are, and thanks to all the testing, they were able to fine-tune some of the materials so that they were able to be used in normal life.

Even smoke detectors even got tested under those conditions to see if there were any issues or how much they could withstand. All of these materials are things that are used in homes on a daily basis all across the globe. It is all simply staggering when you think about it. 

Speaking of common materials, scratch-resistant glass is also one of the primary materials used when creating a mobile phone. It is thanks to experiments conducted in space that you are able to have it now.

It is strange when you think something you use hundreds of times a day could have space tested materials in it, but, in a way, that is why exploration is so important. Remember that the next time you are playing slots on your phone at spinpalace.com. 

Change of climate

The main reason space exploration is set to continue is the impact of climate change on the planet and helping to devise new ways to combat it. By projecting pictures back to Earth through the use of observation satellites, it is possible for meteorologists to see the long-term effects of climate change and eventually put together recommendations on how best to combat it.

It is through this that space exploration can essentially help to shape the future and, although it sounds dramatic, it could quite literally save the planet from awful climate change and environmental disasters.