5 Ways Technology Has Changed Communication

By  //  November 15, 2021

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Technology has completely transformed the way we communicate, both socially and in business. The ever-changing technological updates provide us with new devices, programmes, and platforms we can utilize for better communication, given how much society now relies on technology. 

Technology has allowed us to connect with people globally, allowing us to communicate better with our colleagues in our work and re-connect with family members in our personal lives. 

This article discusses some of the main ways technology has transformed communication and reshaped the way we interact socially and our experiences in life. 

Time and money

If we consider the way people communicated in the past, it is mind-blowing to think how far technology has propelled us. One of the most obvious ways it has changed communication is by saving us time and money. It’s given us more freedom and allowed us to be more creative in how we connect with others. 

Today, all you need is a cheap smartphone and WIFI to make a call or have instant access to multiple forms of communication. Gone are the days of relying on internet cafes and wired landlines. 

Social media 

The early noughties saw the beginning of social media platforms. Within twenty years, it’s become one of the best forms of communicating with family and friends, with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn dominating the scene. Whether posting, sharing, messaging, or commenting, everything we do on social media is communicating. 

Digital communication 

Technology has provided us with profoundly instant and, in most cases, secure communication. We don’t have to sit around waiting for letters or the house phone to ring. We can send a message across multiple platforms, and we get a response within seconds.

We can share pictures, videos, stories instantly for our social networks to see. Teamwork software has also provided many companies with practical ways of internal communications within teams. More recently, since the pandemic, technology has introduced us to new ways of working remotely and better work-life balance possibilities.

Marketing communication 

Due to drastic changes in how society uses technology, businesses no longer rely on traditional marketing techniques. The way technology has revolutionized communications means a company can start selling straight away, and anyone can start an online business to earn passive income.

It’s also connected businesses with their customers, providing new ways to give feedback, enabling companies to adapt much quicker. Due to developments in technology, marketing is a lot more competitive as there are more ways to communicate with your target audiences with social media and devices. 


To think of how far we’ve come since the very first computer was invented is incredible. Now, everyone has their computers which fit in their pockets. With a profound number of technological devices, we have the world at our fingertips, which has revolutionized how we learn and communicate with others.

Tablets have transformed our needs for a TV, and laptops enable us to practice and build skills, while smartwatches let us make payments with a flick of a wrist. 

It’s fair to conclude that technology has revolutionized communication in more ways than one, but it shows no signs of stopping. We have new possibilities approaching with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality. Who knows what the future holds?