Busting Myths Surrounding Bail Bonds

By  //  November 26, 2021

Bail bonds came into existence in 13th century England with the introduction of the Magna Carta. During that era, people use property or money in exchange for the temporary release of people from jail. Though bail bonds have changed over the years the main objective behind them remains the same.

As the bail bonds are there to help people who are incapable to pay the amount of bail when people accuse them of crime. The process was similar to what we follow today. 

Though over time multiple myths are surrounding the concept of bail bonds. Some of them are-

Unethical Bondsmen

There is a lot of misguided information circulating that bondsmen are con artists and are unethical people that are looking to make quick money. It is one of the common myths that people believe in. this is not entirely true as there are strict requirements and rules for such people and agencies that specialize in bail bonds.

To run a bail bond service it is mandatory to have a license and various states also do background tests on such services.

For Bail you require Cash 

People don’t need to carry cash to make bail. Many service providers allow people to use their collateral property to get bail bond such as jewelry, bank account. Land etc. Every company has its set of rules and guidelines but to think that cash is the only way to get bail is a myth.

Bondsmen charge high fees 

Bondsmen charging a high fee is completely false. They charge fees that are reasonable and required. They will do all the necessary procedures to get people out of jail on bail. As long as people attend all the proceedings of the court there won’t be any problem regarding the bonds and fees. 

A bail bond has the same cost as that of a bond 

The Company that specializes in bail bonding will pay the full amount of bond that is set by the court. Though the person or defendant only has to pay a percentage of it.

Though once a person gets bail he must attend all the court appearances. As soon as the trial ends the company keeps the fee and the court returns the full amount of the bond to the company.

Bail bonds release criminals 

It is a myth that a criminal can get bail easily. There are instances where the court has denied the bail on the nature of the crime. When the crimes are so heinous that society gets affected to a greater degree the judge has the right to deny bail.

You can skip trial 

When a person skips the trial or miss a court appearance, there is more to pay than just money. After getting bail it is very important for people to not skip the trial as it will reflect badly on their case and it will harm them and not just financially.

They not only have to pay the full amount of bail and the fee of the agency but the court has the power to issue a warrant for immediate arrest. Once the warrant is issued a person cannot get bail. Hence it is a myth that after bail you can skip trial.


There are a plethora of myths surrounding bail bonds. However, with a professional bail bond company such as Castle Bail Bonds, you will be able to get fast and effective services.