Buy Online Games at Cheaper Prices with a VPN

By  //  November 8, 2021

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There’s no doubt that online gaming is addictive due to its popularity which has skyrocketed in recent years. So it is not surprising that gamers spend 8, 12, or even 24 hours straight online to compete or finish a mission. 

As the gaming industry started to grow rapidly, it wasn’t surprising to see that major game production companies started to distribute their games in premium and free versions. As a result, most of the well-known and popular online games are available to premium players only. 

Online games can be very expensive, but it also depends on your country/region. Therefore, a game can be expensive in one part of the world and be cheap in another at the same time. 

For example, Battlefield V on Origin is available for $91.79 in the UK, while the same game is sold at $66.33 in India. It means that Indian gamers can save up to $25.46 on their online game. 

Let’s compare and see the price differences of various games based on their regions:

Assassin’s Creed (Origin)

$59.99 USA

$65.56 UK

$65.53 Australia

$61.06 Canada

$68.56 France

$41.21 India

$42.87 Brazil

$53.64 Hong Kong

$51.05 Singapore

$54.84 Thailand

Fifa 2019 (Origin)

$44.99 USA

$54.01 UK

$49.17 Australia

$45.79 Canada

$51.41 France

$36.11 India

$48.03 Brazil

$32.88 Hong Kong

$30.58 Singapore

$31.06 Thailand

PUBG (Steam)

$29.99 USA

$35.39 UK

$29.99 Australia

$28.24 Canada

$34.25 France

$29.99 India

$14.99 Brazil

$24.02 Hong Kong

$25.50 Singapore

$16.96 Thailand

You can also purchase the online games at a cheaper price with slight assistance from one of the best cheap VPN services in 2021

A virtual private network is an online security tool that lets you hide your actual location and identity while transferring your internet data through its secure and encrypted servers. After connecting to a VPN server, your actual IP address and location are masked with a fake VPN IP address and locations. 

Once you have replaced your actual IP address with a VPN IP address, the online gaming store will show you the prices of the VPN IP address and location. This VPN ability also becomes useful when accessing any geographically restricted website such as ITV, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. 

So how on earth can you get access to online games at cheaper prices with a VPN?

In order to purchase online games at a cheaper price, you must select a virtual private network for the job. There are thousands of virtual private networks in the industry, so your priority should be to go for a reliable, effective, and reputable VPN service. 

There are some important aspects that play a vital role while deciding upon a VPN provider, and they include a wide server network, lightning-fast connection speeds, and a money-back guarantee program. 

With a comprehensive server network, you would be able to access several different gaming store regions for better prices, and high-speed VPN connections will ultimately enhance your online gaming experience.

After you have decided upon a VPN service, all left is to subscribe to it, download its application on your device, and start using the service right from where you are sitting right now. 

Now, here is the critical part. The location of the VPN server depends on the gaming store/console region you wish to get access to for cheaper online games. 

You’ll only need to establish a VPN connection to any particular country server of your choice, and all of its gaming offers, campaigns, and discounted deals will be available to you.  

The cool thing about VPN is that you can change your country’s location any time you like. So fore example, if there’s a good deal being offered in Canada, you can simply connect to a Canadian VPN server to avail of the offer.

If you are among the players who spend more than $1000 on online video games per year, using the VPN technology can save you large sums of money.

There could be some occasions where you may not access your desired gaming platform region but don’t worry. Since many gaming stores have blocked VPN IP addresses, all you have to do is disconnect your current VPN server and reconnect to another to obtain a different VPN IP address. 

Here are some other benefits you can enjoy with a virtual private network:

Subjugate the latency issue while playing online games. 

Join servers in other countries to solve high ping issues. 

You can get unlimited access to gaming communities that are geo-restricted. 

Use the VOIP feature that is usually geographically restricted. 

Therefore, purchasing an online video game at a cheaper price via VPN is a very smart way of saving money. After all, gaming is not a cheap hobby.