Tootsie – the Musical Is Coming to Orlando

By  //  November 4, 2021

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(Tootsie image)

Tootsie – The Musical is a rip-roaring comedy that will make you laugh out loud as you follow along with the story and enjoy the incredible music that accompanies it. Michael Dorsey is a difficult but talented actor that is having a hard time finding work until he lands an unusual role that changes his life forever.

Tootsie is the comedy musical you need to see during these turbulent times when you want to clear your headspace with a great laugh.

The musical was first released in 2019 and is based on the hilarious movie that first appeared on the big screen back in 1982. In the film, Dustin Hoffman played the role of Tootsie, which was a blockbuster success. If you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s worth watching before you take in the musical.

Michael Dorsey adopts a new persona, appearing and starring as Dorothy Michaels and he is ready to go to any length to further his dwindling career. You’ll love the development of the story as you sit back and enjoy the theatrical rituals such as mortifying additions and the grueling rehearsals that the actors have to go through. Laugh along as Michael, as Dorothy Michaels, dresses in drag for one last ditch effort at success. 

Michael starts to realize that maintaining his success with acting is going to be harder than he first thought. The actor soon has to figure out a dilemma as he begins to fall for Julie, his co-star. 

As Michael falls for Julie Nichols, he can’t believe his good luck. He knows that he wouldn’t have a chance of being with her as a man but as his altered persona Dorothy the two quickly become best friends. Due to the friendship that develops, Michael’s consciousness is raised to a higher level as he quickly experiences life as a woman. He experiences a new reality, being a female and the storyline continues to develop.

All of the songs have lyrics that will leave you choking with laughter and you’ll wonder how the actors in the show can keep a straight face. Be sure to listen closely to the lyrics as the songs are being sung since they are truly remarkable and add to the overall plot of the show.

Tootsie – The Musical will be playing at the Dr. Phillips Centre – Walt Disney Theatre in Orlando Florida during the first week of November, 2021 as well as many other dates and locations throughout the United States. The fun and laughter is contagious and it’s a show you simply won’t want to miss!

This musical is sure to clear your mind of the events that have been occurring over the last year as you are swept away into another world. When it’s time for some lighthearted fun that you’ll never forget, Tootsie – The Musical may be the one show this year that you need to see more than any other.

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