AAFS Is Committed to Empowering the Lives of Africans In the US

By  //  December 2, 2021

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AAFS is a Minnesota-based non-profit organization. It follows the concept of compassion, awareness, wellness, and appropriate treatment. The organization has been spearheading the cause of creating awareness about chemical abuse and mental disorder among the susceptible section of society.

AAFS is licensed to provide community mental health clinic services, adhering to all rules applicable under Minnesota Rule 29 and Rule 31 regulations. 

AAFS follows a meticulous approach to understanding the needs of people, requiring medical assistance and follow-up sessions. The organization uses multiple techniques for the betterment of its clients. 

The organization’s approach includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Twelve-Step Philosophy, Harm Reduction, and Motivational Interviews to help people get rid of their addiction habits. The ultimate aim of these services is to promote social, psychological, and spiritual growth and development in people battling against addiction. 

AAFS aims at long-term solutions. It helps its clients get the necessary help, support, and self-reliance to help them live a happy and healthy life while bringing them into the mainstream.   

Innovative Treatment for Holistic Development

After identifying the client’s needs and problems, the next stage is all about offering them tailor-based treatment and the right solutions. 

AAFS never believes mental disease or social aberration as something, which is here to stay. Instead, it inculcates the right thoughts among its clients to help them combat the battle without taking unnecessary stress. The organization positively views diseases in the sense of ‘dis-ease,’ which means the same can be eradicated with ease using appropriate therapy and mental counselling sessions.. 

The organization believes in restoring wellness in its clients through various therapies like motivational seminars, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) sessions.

It has a team of committed and experienced health care professionals who are well adept at handling various problems like emotional issues, childhood abuses, addiction habits, and irritable behaviors. 

Women’s Wellness Program Among African Americans

AAFS runs a special 26-week program for pregnant women. It guides them throughout their maternity journey starting from conceiving a child to delivery. The program aims at helping women combat pregnancy stress and help them towards the delivery of drug-free children. 

Pregnant women get all the necessary support and services through the program. The organization also educates women about their maternity rights while inculcating the right parental skills to help them nurture their children in a positive environment. 

Mental Health Services and Continuing Care to People in Need

People who have completed their treatment at AAFS or are still recovering from chemical dependency can freely mingle with society at large. But they still need continued support and care from the organisation to feel wanted and motivated. AAFS counselors and facilitators are always on their toes for their betterment and fulfillment of life goals. 

AAFS offers appropriate mental health services to distracted people and help them come out of their emotional trauma and make great progress in their personal and professional lives. 

In Conclusion

AAFS primarily serves people representing the African American community or Blacks who have had a distressing and turbulent past. The community comes forward to help people who went through a series of violence in their lives, including child abuse, parental conflict, physical assault, domestic violence, and substance abuse.

AAFS is hopeful that its long-term commitment towards empowering the blacks with the right skills, education, awareness, and timely mental health treatment will uplift the condition of Blacks living across the US.

AAFS also addresses other mental health issues among them like depression, unexplained sadness, anxiety disorders, and other such issues, which require meticulous care and consultations. 

You can visit AAFS to know more about their vision, goals, team members, accomplishment, and services.