Automated Zoom Meeting Notes

By  //  December 1, 2021

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More and more businesses have taken the online video conferencing tools to help them with the business process. If you are one of them, then you are getting used with the routine meeting through Zoom online.

Whether it is offline or online, we could agree that it is crucial to take a note during the meeting. People would take the notes to capture some ideas, action items, and other form of important information discussed during the Zoom calls session.

The Zoom meeting notes have become the most important source where ones can keep tracking the progress and preserving the insights and ideas of the meetings.

It is much easier to take notes while you are on a Zoom call if you have the right tool to do it. You can say goodbye to the orthodox method of note taking, such as switching between the apps or else.

Instead, you can rely on the particular automatic note-taking tool to record and transcribe everything in the meeting. The idea of using this productivity tool here is so that you can interact with your team members during the meeting. You will need something that can do the note-taking job automatically so that you don’t have to sacrifice your time and effort to write down the messages by yourself.

There are a lot of note taking tools that you can see online. But most of them do not come with the features you need to make the responsible meeting notes that you can review well.

Amongst the many options, you won’t regret to choose Notiv zoom note taker.

What exactly is Notiv?

Notiv is an AI-backed productivity tool that allows its users to record and transcribe the Zoom meeting (and other apps’ meetings) in real time. In the end of the session, it will also provide the users with the action items and important summaries to ease them to review and revisit the meetings.

Obviously, by looking at the particular service, it is more than just an ordinary note-taker. As a Notiv user, you are able to isolate the information, focus on certain points, and share them with your fellow team members and colleagues.

You can create an account for free and use the app with certain limitations. If you get the paid app, you will unlock all of the important features.

You can use the Notiv app immediately so that you don’t need to use your pen and paper to write down the notes manually anymore. All in all, this app is a more efficient and effective way to capture all of the moments in the meeting.

You don’t have to do anything. Just turn on the Notiv app. Set the meeting on your calendar. The app will automatically record and transcribe everything during the meeting. The app will then automatically share the recording result with transcripts along with the other components, including highlights, action items, and summaries.

Taking notes during Zoom meeting like a pro

The Zoom meeting app can help you take notes during the meeting like a pro. The thing we love about Notiv is its ability to quickly capture the meetings automatically. So far we have come across the alternatives, but there is no such thing as Notiv. The moment you start the meeting on the Zoom platform, the app will trigger itself to take the complete notes out of it.

In just a second while you are talking, it will transcribe everything, making sure that everything is captured during the meeting. Therefore, it leaves you no choice but to follow the meeting and interact with your fellow meeting members without distraction or any other problem.

The developers of Notiv have their own system for quickly taking note of the key moments of interaction in an important call. The app uses a searchable system, allowing users to find the most specific content by typing in the right keywords. The app will come up with a satisfying result. It won’t take a long time to find different key moments and highlights presented by the app.

As a result, you can remain focused on your team members or clients during the meeting. You and your team will be able to review all of the key moments after the meeting.

If you rarely share the entire recording of the meeting, you don’t need to worry. You could use Notiv’s recording feature to create highlights or key actions to share with your colleagues or clients. You can even opt to isolate only certain things that you will want to share with the right person. As we know, not all people would necessarily need to know the results of the meeting.

For instance, your client is asking you about the growth of the project. In your particular Zoom meeting, you notice that there are some pieces that are not for your clients. You have no other way than isolating the appropriate information that you will only share with your client.

You can contact the particular client and share the selected information that you have retrieved from the Notiv app results. It is much more time saving than informing the your clients manually.

You can always revisit the meeting results to find out if you are missing something or not. It has never been easier to get ideas and action items. You can also move the action items to other storage or cloud places so that you can archive them later.

Notiv is being used for Google Meet.

If you are using Google Meet instead of Zoom, you can also rest assured that you can rely on Notiv to take the helmet of recording and transcription.

Notiv integration is wide and varied. Besides Zoom, you can also sync the Notiv app with other apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, WebEx, and so on.

Just like what you do in the Zoom app, it allows you to transcribe the Google Meeting recordings. Then the results are presentable. You can also isolate the particular content that you want to share with specific users.

Setting up is also easy and simple. If you have been using Google Calendar, then it will be a lot easier to try it.