Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

By  //  December 15, 2021

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Cryptocurrency has become so popular in the US today and has significantly boosted the economy of a lot of people. In fact, the crypto market should not be looked upon as ruletka online. Because crypto coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin have all seen significant market values in recent years.

But aside from its growth and benefits in the market, not many Americans have taken the time to trade cryptocurrency. It could be the fear of venturing or the lack of the right trading source. If that is the problem, here are the best cryptocurrency trading Apps that will shape up your finances. But before we get into each of these Apps, let us first look at what you need to consider when you need to trade cryptocurrency.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Cryptocurrency App. 

Trading crypto is an exciting adventure. But you need to know what you are doing. Since the whole prospects of cryptocurrency trading are through an App, you need to have good knowledge about the App you choose.

The first thing to know about a good crypto App. is their supported currencies. You also should find out the options for withdrawal and how secure is their App. These are areas that motivated our choice of the best cryptocurrency Apps.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps 


With a total of sixty-four (64 coins), Coinbase is widely used by cryptocurrency traders. This is because it has a comprehensive and simple interface when it comes to trading cryptocurrency. Besides having a simplified trading process, Coinbase also has a very strong security system that guarantees your investment.

Their fees are high, and you may not have total control over your wallet. But it has a side service called “Coinbase Pro”. Coinbase Pro has more features and offers lower trading fees. Fees: under $10,000 – 0.5%, up to $100,000 – 0.15%/!

■ Kraken 

Kraken is a specialised cryptocurrency platform. Being an original crypto trading App. Kraken has a list of coins in which you can invest in and trade. It may not be as easy to use as the other Apps because it is a real exchange that takes place on the platform. Fees: card & online banking – 1.5% + fees, Kraken Pro: Lower!

■ Binance 

Binance has hundreds of coins beyond the popular coins, which you will not find with other Apps. Binance was created in 2017 with the principal objective of altcoin trading. With Binance international, traders have more than 100 trading pairs between crypto coins, but Binance US has lesser coins. They have lower fees as well and more features for advanced charting. But it is not supported in all states in the US. Fees: Spot Trading – 0.1%, Instant Buy/Sell – 0.5%, but if you are depositing with the US debit card – 4.5%!

■ Gemini

Gemini has a list of currencies, and the platform is professionally set up to make the user trading experience very comfortable. They also have a side service called “Gemini Pro”. This service allows customers to use their money across 30,000 different retail stores using their QR codes. Fees: Over $200 – 1.49$, under $200 – $0.99 to $2.99!

■ eToro

eToro is a broker but has a good selection of crypto coins (29 cryptocurrencies) on the platform with some unique services. They do have a few coins that are not available on other Apps. Such as Uniswap, Tezos, and Polygon. They also have a social network sort of feature on the platform that allows traders to follow other traders. Fees: Bid – 0.75%, Conversion fee – 0.1%!


The list of cryptocurrency Apps can go on and on, but the best cryptocurrency trading App all depends on your independent needs. So, before you get started, determine your needs, and look for the App that offers just that. And your investment will be saved.