Best Warzone Pacific Tips & Tricks For Beginners

By  //  December 25, 2021

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Call of Duty is a well-known action game franchise with millions of fans worldwide. This franchise came up with an idea of a first-person shooter game, and they have not yet disappointed their fans ever in their games.

The new update of Warzone, which is pacific, has gained a lot of buzz worldwide among gamers and has proved to be a great success for the company. Today, we brought you the best tips and tricks that will help you master this game considerably, and you can also buy warzone hacks to stay ahead of your competition.

Prioritize your loadout

When using floor weapons, your weapon’s kill power is slightly low. Therefore, you should keep a budget of 10000$ to buy a loadout crate and get weapons with higher kill power.

You can buy the weapons from any buy station in the game. In this way, you will have your customized weapons, perks, and equipment. Getting them will be beneficial for you in the following gameplay. Acquiring good loadout should be your utmost priority when playing this game.

Keep Looting

Once you have acquired the paid loadout, then it does not mean that you will stop looting. We recommend that you keep stealing to get more cash, ammunition, and XP. You should try to get armor that will give you eight plates instead of just five plates and money and ammo. 

If you can get around 20 thousand dollars in the game, you can also buy self reviving kits, killstreaks, and a gas mask. After that, your winning should be easy,

Find out Your Strengths

This game is already tough to play, so you have to be on your toes every time. Keep finding suitable opportunities for killing your enemy. Some players can handle the recoils of assault rifles, so they use them while others can’t. 

Also, some players like to play aggressively, and others play defensive games. So, find your style accordingly and stick to it. It will not only help you survive long in the game, but you can also maintain an excellent K/D ratio.

Fire Only When you are Sure

It would help if you were entirely sure before you engage your enemy that you can kill it for sure. Otherwise, you will expose your position to everyone in the lobby and get stormed. 

Therefore, do not be impatient while playing, or you will be susceptible to wrong choices. Wait for your enemy to make a mistake and then attack from a sweet position to finish your kills.

Use Pin-wheel Motion

Most of the players travel in a straight line from one circle to another; in this way, they get caught up in the intense firefights in the center. It would help if you made a pinwheel motion towards the center. 

You can avoid detection in this way and will be able to surprise the enemy from the back. But there are some situations when your enemy is safe in a building, and you are in the open. So, first, anticipate the circles and then plan your moving strategy accordingly.

Complete the Contracts

This is an effortless way of getting money, XP, and streaks if you have good expertise. You can track the contracts by opening the map and navigating your course accordingly. There are many types of contracts that you can fulfill. 

Some are Bounty, recon, scavenger, most wanted, and supply run. These contracts will help you gain huge bonuses and XP. But, they are also very dangerous to execute, so make sure that you have gained a good amount of expertise before you try to achieve them.

Use Plates Frequently

It would be best to keep using plates and that too at an inappropriate time. It would be best to use it in firefights to save you a lot of trouble, and it will reduce the damage that you induce when your enemy engages you. 

Try to find these plates in loot and crates. And if you want to upgrade the plates to eight rather than five, you can always purchase them in the buying station mid-game.


These were the few tips and tricks you can use to increase your winning odds in the call of duty warzone pacific. The game is challenging itself, but you will have a fair chance of being the sole survivor if you keep these things in your mind.