Comparing The Top Invisible Aligner Brands

By  //  December 21, 2021

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More people are looking for alternatives to fixed orthodontic appliances as the demand for esthetic treatments grows. Over the last decade, clear aligners have grown in popularity as an attractive and comfortable orthodontic treatment alternative.

Due to a growth in the number of adult orthodontic patients, demand for attractive and pleasant alternatives to traditional braces has risen. Clear aligners that meet this requirement have undergone rapid technological advances in aligner materials and manufacturing procedures.

Straight teeth and a brighter smile may no longer require the use of unsightly wire and bracket braces. Invisible braces improve self-esteem and physical confidence by providing an attractive and barely noticeable alternative to traditional wire/bracket braces.

While invisible braces may not be appropriate for some cases of misalignment or complex bite abnormalities that are better treated with traditional orthodontics, they can be used to treat the following conditions:

 Overjet or overbite

Teeth that are crowded or widely spaced

Teeth that are crooked

Below we will discuss which option works best for you by comparing Invisalign vs Candid:


Because Invisalign is only available through a dentist or orthodontist’s office, you’ll need to visit them frequently throughout your treatment. Now that at-home services are accessible, this is no longer the most convenient alternative. Not only that, but the price for Invisalign is significantly greater.

A benefit of Invisalign, on the other hand, is that it gives you the capacity to treat more complex dental issues. SmartForce attachments, which are tooth-colored shapes connected to your teeth, are used by Invisalign. These act as “handles,” allowing you to move your teeth in the appropriate direction with the right amount of force.

For people with significant orthodontic needs, this, along with periodic in-person evaluations by your dental professional, will likely result in superior outcomes. Invisalign consumers, according to Best Company customer evaluations, rate their experience four or five stars 90% of the time.


Candid provides the most complete care, as evidenced by the results. Candid’s diagnostic method looks beyond the cosmetic aspect of your smile to provide a full examination of your dental health, using a combination of impressions, imaging, and pictures to design a specific treatment plan.

You’ll also get free teeth whitening foam, a carrying case, and all the equipment you’ll need for remote monitoring when you buy aligners. You’ll also have continuing remote access to an all-orthodontist dental team, which is the gold standard in orthodontic care.

The CandidApp, which allows you to scan photographs of your teeth, submit updates to Candid’s orthodontists, live chat with your treatment team, follow your progress, and access 3D previews of your new smile, powers Candid’s remote monitoring capabilities.

Candid has received great customer satisfaction ratings as a result of its high degree of expert care and best-in-class financing choices. Customers frequently mention specific customer service representatives who assisted them during the shopping process. 

Candid is one of the most cost-effective solutions, with monthly payments as low as $65 per month. The CandidGuarantee also guarantees your satisfaction with the treatment and allows you to continue treatment if you are unhappy with the results (with some restrictions).

What To Consider When Choosing

It’s vital to understand that clear aligners aren’t for everyone, and that at-home treatment isn’t appropriate in every circumstance. There are certain limits to invisible braces, especially invisible braces at home. Understanding these limits is critical to achieving the desired result. Caroline Girard, DDS, is a Beverly Hills dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

“At-home aligners are an excellent alternative for people who want to straighten their front six top and bottom teeth,” Girard explains. “For these minor situations, I’ve seen excellent results. It’s advisable to consult a dentist or orthodontist for anything more complicated.”

Final Thought

The last thing to keep in mind when choosing which brand of invisible brace one should invest in is the price. Clear aligners vary in price depending on the brand, but they are generally less expensive than metal braces. The following is an exception to the rule:

Exclusively through orthodontist aligners, such as Invisalign, cost more than mail-order aligners and are often comparable to the cost of traditional braces.