First Omicron Case Reported in Sunny Florida

By  //  December 9, 2021

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Despite having the sense of normality return to many parts of the world, this feeling always seems to be shattered the next day with another alarming headline about the most talked about thing in the world. It is hard to disagree that COVID shouldn’t be though, considering how unprecedented it was.

In fact, the aftereffects of the pandemic can be felt all over the world through things such as reduced business, job insecurity and more. The emergence of vaccinations for COVID was a wonderful moment for humanity and showed the world what can happen when everyone bands together.

However, the peace that the vaccines relatively provided is now threatened by the emergence of a new virus.

Many might have enjoyed returning to doing the things that they enjoyed. For some, this could have been getting out to the shopping mall to do some good, old-fashioned in-person shopping.

Others would have likely enjoyed getting back into the casino, though the lockdowns did make sites these sites and more preferred for playing on by the public.

However, the rise of the Omicron variant has had people feeling more anxious than ever. This is a mutation that is much more transmissible than the Delta variant, which was already bad enough.

The rise of this variant has prompted multiple countries to renew their travel restrictions list, but this did not stop a case of Omicron from being reported in Tampa hospital, Florida. The case was confirmed by a spokesperson for James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in a statement on Tuesday.

The spokesperson said, “Our providers were able to quickly detect, test, confirm and add this data to our developing understanding of this strain”.

This case represents the first case in Florida and is telling of the way that Omicron cases are rising in the US. It has also been reported that there is a second presumptive case being investigated, but only time will tell if the case count in Florida doubles.

Many residents who live in Tampa might be feeling anxious over restrictions returning as many will know that this is something that virtually no one wants to return to. However, they may be in luck as the Governor of the State, Ron DeSantis seems to be against returning to any kind of restrictions at all.

He said, “In Florida, we won’t let them lock you down, we won’t let them restrict you, we’re not gonna let them impose mandates, we’re not gonna let them close the schools, we are gonna protect your freedom to make your decisions”. His words likely mirror what many people might be feeling regarding the approach towards the virus.

Outside of Florida, it is clear to see that the Omicron variant has had countries working in overdrive once again as they begin to update their travel lists and order fresh vaccine orders, hesitant of the future to come. Since being found in Africa last month, it has been found in 50 countries.

While the world is now prepared on how to deal with COVID, there will still be some thinking that dark days are yet to come.