How to Create A Workout That Suits You

By  //  December 2, 2021

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Creating an exercise routine is one thing; maintaining it is another. That’s how some people think, but with the proper routine personalized to you, maintaining a regular exercise pattern is much easier than initially thought. 

Like any goal, a new habit, or lifestyle change, staying active comes down to your level of motivation and commitment. It’s essential to create a routine and workout that considers your personal goals and lifestyle. It’s as simple as getting your body moving in a way that makes you feel good.

Perhaps you love spending time in nature, so that outdoor activities may be an option. Maybe you love clubbing, so combining exercise with your favorite tunes is a solution? 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to working out. This article runs through some of the best ways to create a workout that suits you. 

What are your goals?

First, ask yourself why you want to work out? Do you want to improve your fitness, you can spend more time entertaining your children? Do you have a challenge, like a marathon, that you’re working towards? Do you want to improve your mood and overall emotional wellbeing? Whatever your reason is, it’s essential to have one that’s meaningful to you. Your motive is crucial for keeping you going on days exercise seems hard. Staying mindful of your ‘why’ means you can bear any ‘how’.

What do you enjoy? 

To maintain a new skill or hobby, you must enjoy it, such as a new workout routine. Perhaps engaging in a team sport is favourable for making new social connections, or maybe you want to combine your love of dance with workouts? You don’t want to end up hating your activities, but there will be some exercise you enjoy more than others

. For example, if you like using gym machines at home, then investing in something like a rowing machine for sale could be an option to make your workout more enjoyable. If you like a variety, then keep things interesting by mixing up your routine. 

Embrace your energy bursts

Everyone is different when it comes to energy levels. Where some consider themselves night owls, others consider themselves early birds. There may be times of the day when you feel more energised than others. This would be an excellent time to work out as you can give more energy to it.

For women, cycle-syncing your exercise monthly is also an idea to consider. Due to fluctuations of hormones during a woman’s menstrual cycle means there will be times of the month women feel more energised. For example, energy levels tend to peak during ovulation, whereas they can dip during the luteal phase. Therefore, you can plan exercise accordingly. 

Food is fuel

Healthy nutrition is equally as important as exercise. However, most people have different diets and food preferences to cater for. For example, more people choose vegetarian and vegan diets due to the positive impact on the environment.

There’s nothing wrong with personalizing your diet and food choices to your beliefs, as you can fuel your body adequately either way. Whatever diet you choose, take time to ensure you are getting all the correct levels of nutrition.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways you can create a workout that suits you. Your fitness journey should be a rewarding process that’s both challenging and enjoyable. Be patient. Be consistent. You will no doubt reap the benefits in the long run.