How to Install AppCake on iPhone

By  //  December 27, 2021

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AppCake is a well-known name in iOS circles, given that it used to be a Cydia app. Now, though, anyone can install the app store on their device and use it for free, without needing to hack into the iPhone. Here is everything you need to know about AppCake.

How to Install AppCake:

AppCake is very easy to install, just make sure you follow these steps as written:

1. Open Safari browser (no other browser will work for this)

2. Go to the AppCake Download Page and tap on Download

3. Tap Install on the popup confirmation

4. Type your device passcode in if asked

5. Go to your device home screen – the AppCake icon is there when the app store is installed.

How to Trust AppCake:

AppCake is not an official app which means Apple cannot verify it. The Untrusted Developer error is their way of stopping you from using the app but you can verify the developer as safe. Here’s how:

1. Remember the developer name and close the error message

2. Go into iOS Settings > General > Profiles

3. Tap the developer name and tap Trust

4. Close Settings – AppCake will now work.

How to Use AppCake

1. Launch AppCake from your home screen

2. Find what you want to download and tap it

3. Wait for it to be installed and the icon is on your home screen

4. Alternatively, download external IPA files from trusted sites on the internet and send them to AppCake

5. Open AppCake and tap on Downloads

6. Tap the file and it will be installed for you

AppCake Features:

AppCake offers users plenty of cool features:

 Completely free

No need to jailbreak your device

Plenty of unofficial apps, games and more

Install unsigned IPA files from the internet



Choose Torrent for fast downloads

Supports iOS 15+

Plenty more features

Deleting AppCake:

Whether you no longer want AppCake on your device or you need to delete it to fix an issue, deleting it is simple and can be done in these two ways:

Method 1: App Profile

1. Open iOS Settings > General > Profiles

2. Tap on AppCake and tap on Delete Profile

3. Close Settings, AppCake is gone

Method 2: App Icon

1. Press and hold the AppCake icon on your home screen

2. When it begins to wiggle, tap on the small x in the top corner of the icon

3. Tap Delete on the confirmation window and AppCake is removed

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about AppCake:

What is AppCake?

It is one of the most popular unofficial app stores, offering a different experience to other similar stores. As well as pre-installed content, you can also find your own IPA files on the internet and sideload them into the app, increasing your choice of apps and games immeasurably.

At one time, AppCake was only available by jailbreaking your device but because jailbreaking all but disappeared for several years, the developers tweaked their app to make it work without needing Cydia. Now anyone can use this user-friendly, ad-free app store.

Is AppCake Safe?

Yes, mostly because you do not need to install a jailbreak to use it and you don’t need to provide your Apple ID at any time during installation. We also tested and found nothing that can compromise your data or device and your privacy is protected too. If you do install external IPA files, though, you must make sure they are from safe sites.

Will AppCake Affect My Device Warranty?

No, because you are not jailbreaking and you don’t need special permissions to download it. This means you are not compromising your device security. However, there are a couple of tweaks in the store that may affect how your device works. If you are at all unsure, simply delete AppCake before you take your device to an official store, and reinstall it later.

How Do I fix the Installation Failed Error?

The simplest way is just to delete AppCake from your device and reinstall it. The likely reason is a conflict between earlier and later versions of the app store.

Do I Need to Jailbreak to Install AppCake?

No, just follow our installation guide to install it on your device without jailbreaking first.

Can I Install it On My Android Devices?

Not right now. AppCake is only for iOS at the moment and there are no plans to introduce an Android version at this time. If you see any links on the internet that claim to be an AppCake APK file, they are fake and may harm your device or compromise your security.

AppCake was always a popular jailbreak app and now it’s even more popular as an alternative to the official app store. Try it on your device today and see how it compares to the iOS store – millions of people are already using it right now so come and join in the fun.