How to Reverse Damaged Skin: Essential Checklist

By  //  December 13, 2021

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The skin is one of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies. They go through so much through the course of our lives. They are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, tear, dust, and so much more. Over the years, we end up damaging the skin also. Sometimes skin damage can also result from a lack of the right vitamins in our diet.

A big accident like a burn or other accident can also lead to skin damage.

What are the few signs of skin damage?

Skin damage is not always very evident and usually starts with small symptoms. But if they are not controlled, they can lead to greater problems. So, the first few signs should be spotted and controlled before spreading to a larger area. 

Redness of skin, excessive dryness, rash, bumps, cracks on the surface are common signs of skin damage. 

But there are solutions!

The best part about skin is that it regenerates itself every 27 days. Although the rate of this is very slow, it keeps growing. So damaged skin can be healed. However, sometimes, the process needs to be facilitated. 

So, consult your dermatologist and start your skin damage reversal process today!

Laser treatment: Sometimes, some accidents can leave deep scars that disappear with time. It stays back for years, and no ointments can help remove it. This can be a painful reminder of the accident that once took place. 

Everybody deserves a new start, and this can be yours. With skin and cosmetic laser treatment, any sign of skin damage will completely disappear. It is one of the best and most effective ways to treat skin damage. Laser technology is so powerful that it can reverse tattoo ink on your skin too. 

Retinoids: You can consult your doctor and ask them about retinoids. They increase collagen in your skin and act as a catalyst to reverse the skin-damaging process. But you can also get lighter doses of these retinoids for independent use. They can help reduce premature skin wrinkling – which is another sign that your skin is damaging. 

Retinoids or retinol are also going to help in removing scars. But remember not to go out in the sun wearing that. It makes the product useless. 

The right diet: Like any other part of our bodies, the right diet is also very important for our skin. It helps in the proper growth of the skin. But sometimes, it also helps reverse the damage by doing so. That is why the right kind of food is extremely important. 

For example, have a diet rich in Vitamin C like Citrus fruits, green vegetables, fish, legumes, etc. Some things like green tea, strawberries, and cocoa. 

Skin hydration: Our skin is a direct reflection of how hydrated we are. If we are dehydrated, our skin will look so, too, and no amount of moisturizing will help that. If this kind of lifestyle, along with stress, alcohol, and smoking, continues, this leads to skin damage. 

That is why hydrating your skin from the inside is important. Drink plenty of water. The more water you drink, the better your skin looks. If you live in a polluted area, cover the damaged skin part whenever you are going out. Besides this, also moisturize using natural oils as much as possible. More than chemical-filled moisturizers using alternatives like coconut oil works wonders. 

Chemical peels: These are acidic solutions that speed up the process of skin renewal. As a result, the new skin comes out faster and better, replacing the damaged skin and therefore preventing further spread as well. 

It might sound like a complicated process, but in fact, these acidic solutions are pretty light in themselves. They should, however, not be mixed with anything else. Otherwise, it might trigger some reactions. All in all, these are safe to use and even nourish the new skin that is about to come up.

Thus, now that you know how to reverse skin damage add the points mentioned above and put them in your checklist immediately. However, if the problem exists, you should consult an expert. Maintain a good lifestyle, and everything else will fall into place.