Montreal Concerts

By  //  December 12, 2021

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Montreal is considered the top host city for major global events in North America. And yes, that includes incredible concerts staged by a plethora of outstanding music artists dabbling in all kinds of genres. 

Live performances in Montreal truly have a different kind of magic to them. It’s the Montrealers and the gorgeous city that make it such a fantastic rendezvous for people who live and breathe music.

From local artists to international sensations contributing to the city’s melodies and vibrant nightlife, you better clear your schedule for Montreal concerts one of these days. Gift yourself a much-deserved liberating music experience of a lifetime!

Montreal Concerts Coming Your Way

Sit tight because there’s an avalanche of amazing concerts Montreal has in store for you. Believe it or not, there’re more than a whopping 750 music events set to get rolling in the buzzing Canadian city in Quebec. These are just the ones to which tickets are available right away. The end of 2022 will be introducing even more awesome live music in Montreal you’ll be wanting to check out. 

Upcoming concerts in Montreal will be featuring uber-talented artists like The Beaches, Charlotte Cardin, JP Sax, The Offspring, Les Cowboys Fringants, and Dirt Monkey, to name just a handful. There’s music cooking every day in the fabulous and colorful city until December 2022. 

Whether you prefer the winter, spring, summer or fall, there’s a flood of concerts ready and waiting for you in Montreal during each of these seasons. All you need to do is settle on a date and get your tickets quickly. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re drawn to; the city has concerts of various genres taking place in all its nooks and crannies. 

Best Concert Venues In Montreal 

Montreal is home to world-famous music artists and acts like Simple Plan, Arcade Fire, Grimes, Milk and Bone, Quo Vadis, and The Planet Smashers. So, you can expect the concert setups to be absolutely top-notch.

Look up any concert venue in Montreal, and you’ll find that almost all of these places have fantastic reviews. A four out of five stars is the absolute minimum. Some of the most popular venues for concerts in Montreal include Place Bell, L’Olympia, Centre Bell, L’Astral, Le Balcon, Cabaret du Casino de Montreal, Corona Theatre, L’Ermitage and Mtelus. 

The architecture in Montreal is just stunning, and it would do you good to make an extended trip to explore the gorgeous city. Catch one of the many music festivals happening all over the city in the summer and fall. You’ll be grateful that you did! 

In Montreal, there’re tons of marketplaces and breweries you could visit, delicious food you could try, museums and street art you could discover and more. Montreal even has a famous underground city with malls, restaurants and even hotels. You can begin planning your itinerary now to ensure you have the best time in the city! 

Concerts in Montreal 

Montreal is claimed to take music and art as seriously as it does its food. There isn’t a single day when you won’t find a live music event happening in the city. You’re going to discover concerts of all sorts of genres ranging from old-school jazz and blues to funky experimental music. 

Montreal also has indie, country, hip-hop, rock, and electronic music coursing through its veins. Stumbling upon concerts of any of these genres will not be a challenge at all. You can begin looking for events of your choice online and save yourself a seat at a spectacular Montreal concert.  

If you’re looking to attend rap concerts in Montreal, you can catch Loud, Wizkid, and Lil Tjay in January 2022. February has The Kid LAROI, followed by Tyler, The Creator and NINHO in March. You can also catch Sampa the Great or Booba’s concerts in May. This Canadian city is indeed one of the most happening places in the world when it comes to music and culture.  

And if you want to go for something even more thrilling, check out Montreal’s rock concerts. There are more than a hundred of them underway at the moment. You can find rock events to attend till the fall of October 2022. Some of the fantastic rock artists performing in Montreal in the coming months include The Wombats, The Offspring, Yungblud, Imagine Dragons, Shinedown, and Judas Priests. 

Country music fans can also catch incredible country concerts in Montreal with the likes of James Taylor, Chris Stapleton, Brad Paisley and Elle King coming to the city in the spring and summer. If you’ve always wanted to visit the cultural jewel of Canada, there’s isn’t a better time than now. It’s much more than music that you’ll be treated to in this enthralling corner of the world. 

Whether you’re a local or visiting from another city or country, you couldn’t hope for a better destination to enjoy music and the spirit of artistry than in Montreal. Known for its welcoming and excitable crowd, the city is a favorite amongst touring artists. You won’t be experiencing a single dull moment in Montreal for sure.

With so many exciting and eclectic artists springing up from the city, you better sample its vibrant local music scene if you want to have a true taste of Montreal. Who knows, you might just be witnessing the rise of the next big music star. Catch the Montreal International Jazz Fest, Osheaga, or Igloofest and enjoy some of the most amazing musical performances. These fests have both international and local artists taking the stage.  

You could do a flying solo visit and make a ton of new friends in the city or even bring along your friends and family. The wide variety of Montreal concerts makes it a dream for concertgoers of all types.

There’s a perfectly good reason music enthusiasts have been raving about Montreal. And it’s about time you found out what all the hype is about for yourself. Grab your tickets and hop on the next ride to the stunning city. Montreal is but an arm’s reach away!