Top Reasons for Using LinkedIn

By  //  December 13, 2021

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LinkedIn is now so big that it is now absolutely essential that both businesses and job seekers should join up. It is the biggest business networking website in the world that is specially meant for the professionals. It has almost 800 million members from more than 200 countries.

With a LinkedIn profile, which has been written professionally, whether it is for you or your business, you will be able to have an online brand that will look professional. It can open doors to many opportunities.

LinkedIn offers many advantages. You can have your professional profile reach millions of users globally, you can showcase your expertise, make new connections, receive endorsements for your qualifications and abilities, land a dream job, or open doors for your business.

Many employers and recruiters are now opting to use LinkedIn first to find the best employees. However, still, you will find many who don’t realize how important LinkedIn can be for their professional or business growth. Here are some of the top reasons for using LinkedIn.

1. Exposure to Recruiters and Hiring Managers

According to an estimate, 93% of all recruiters are now using LinkedIn for finding candidates. With a well-written LinkedIn profile, you will not only be able to create your personal brand online, but you will also be able to reach and impress the recruiters and important decision-makers.

When writing the profile, make sure that you treat it as important as your resume. This is the way to get a great profile. Get professional help if you have to from a certified LinkedIn profile writer. The professional will turn your LinkedIn page into an effective career tool.

2. Showcase Your Knowledge and Credibility

You can build trust with recruiters and employers with your LinkedIn profile. That’s because they will be able to see the connections you have established and the recommendations you have received. Recommendations are social proof of your skills and abilities. This gives you credibility. Employers always look at these.

If experts are backing your skills, you can be sure that it is going to help you immensely. In a resume, on the other hand, you just say things about yourself, which is why a LinkedIn profile is often considered to be more effective than a resume.

3. Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs

LinkedIn has a very good job board, where there are thousands of job openings from around the world. This means you are not geographically restricted anymore. You can search by location and keyword, and apply for them on the board. Employers may also contact you if you have a profile here. Just turn on the “I Am Interested” button that you are open to offers from recruiters. You will also be able to send direct messages if you have a premium account.

You can receive job alerts even if you are not currently hunting for a new position. You will get these alerts in your email. The job alerts can also be saved. Sure enough, there are other online job boards too. LinkedIn is always better because almost every employer is present here.

It’s always good to stay updated and know the kind of jobs available in your industry. Maybe, if you receive a good offer, you can also think of changing. LinkedIn gives you control.

4. You Can Follow Businesses or Employees

There are other advantages of using LinkedIn as well. For example, you can research a company to know more about it. let us assume you have just received an interview call from a business. You obviously want to know more about them before you go. LinkedIn will give you an insight into the details.

Plus, you will also be able to find out about the people who work there and take a look at their connections. Perhaps, you know someone who is connected with the President.

Now, you will find many companies that maintain updated LinkedIn pages. In these pages, they share company news, provide vital information, and showcase their achievements. By taking a look, you will gain good knowledge about what is going on there and its culture. This will help you decide whether you will be a good fit in the organization.

You may also gain information on the likely person who could be interviewing you.

5. Join a LinkedIn Group

There are several groups on LinkedIn where you can meet new people who have the same professional interests. This will expand your network. Discussions are also held in these groups. You can showcase your knowledge here, which will help the others understand that you are an expert. You can also ask questions in these groups if you are stuck with some work. The experts can help you sort it out.

6. LinkedIn for Marketing

Many businesses these days are treating LinkedIn as a marketing platform. This is not for selling their service or product. They develop a good LinkedIn page so that they can impress the job seekers and attract the best talents.

There are many benefits of using LinkedIn. So, you should have a very good LinkedIn profile, whether you are an individual searching for a job, someone who wants to showcase his or her talents and skills, and also if you are a business that wants to build professional credibility and attract the best talents.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: William Nunez is an experienced content creator and writer based in Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America. “I am inspired by the people I communicate with,” said Nunez, “I love my job and constantly develop my skills. New challenges are moving me forward.”