What are Cryptocurrency Scams?

By  //  December 25, 2021

In countries like Australia cryptocurrency, Ponzi schemes are the biggest scam. With a sudden surge in the cryptocurrency marketplace, fraudulent activities and scams increase. Usually, cryptocurrency scams tend to get crucial details of a bitcoin wallet. 

A scammer or bad actor looks to access some decisive details: the cryptocurrency wallet’s seed phrase and private keys.  Check a website like a bitcoin manipulation you should know to understand trading. The cryptocurrency industry comprises various scams like social engineering scams and investing scams. Let’s find out what cryptocurrency scams are and what different types of these scams are. 

Social engineering Scams!

As discussed above, there are several cryptocurrency scams. Out of every cryptocurrency scam, social engineering scams are common. Social engineering scams are an umbrella term for multiple scams like romance, imposter, phishing, and extortion scams. 

Phishing scam!

Phishing scams tend to get access to the private information of a cryptocurrency wallet. The majority of phishing scams try to acquire the private key. Blockchain address or wallet address is public, whereas the private key is private address. One needs a private key to authorize a transaction on the cryptocurrency wallet. Phishing scams will create an authentic look alike platform and attract cryptocurrency investors towards their platform. 

Investment scams!

With the increasing interest of investors in cryptocurrencies, many cryptocurrency models come and go. Many cryptocurrencies models are investment scams. Newbies in the hunt for enormous profit invest their hard-earned money into platforms that assure a massive return to the users. Investing money on such platforms is a piece of cake, but it is nearly impossible to withdraw the profits and invested amount. Here are some types of investment scams that are utterly popular in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Cloud Mining!

Cryptocurrency mining seems like a business that requires heavy investment. But cloud mining has made cryptocurrency mining affordable and accessible with extreme convenience. People confuse cloud mining with a cryptocurrency mining pool, but both are incredibly different.

In the cryptocurrency mining pool, you contribute the processing power of your device. But in cloud mining, you can rent a mining rig online and start your mining journey. The concept of cloud mining is the same as cloud gaming. 

Due to an increasing rush in the cloud mining industry, bad actors have started pulling scams banking on cloud mining.

Unauthentic cloud mining platforms will show you commendable results like billions of hash rates produced by them. However, these cloud-mining apps produce none of these hash rates. Some people consider cloud mining itself a scam, but some cloud mining platforms offer best-in-class services. 

Cryptocurrency Rug Pulls!

The greatest hottest scam in the cryptocurrency industry is decentralized rug pulls. Decentralized finance transforms every day and has many advantages over the centralized finance system. But the decentralized finance industry is also facing some scams as cryptocurrency rug pulls. 

In rug pulls, the market value of a digital currency will suddenly surge, and once it acquires a considerable investor base, it will crash in seconds only.

For example, a cryptocurrency was trading at $0.00005, and the market value of that digital currency inclines to $0.05, which will attract more and more retail investors.

 Once many investors invest in that project, the developers and manipulators will sell off their entire holding, which will lead to a price crash.

The supreme proficient example of DeFi rug pull is Squid game currency. In rug pulls, developers and whales influence the market value of a digital currency in only a few minutes. 

Initial coin offering!

The core concept of an initial coin offering is like the public offering. Initial coin offering helps a cryptocurrency project to list itself publically. ICOs are currently a viral cryptocurrency scam. Besides ICO, NFTs scams are also very famous. 

NFTs mean non fungible tokens that mean you cannot directly exchange this token with fiat currencies. The nonfungible token has exclusivity. Many developers create fake NFT projects, and before investing in such an unauthentic NFT project, you should always research the core team behind a project. An investor must read the white paper of an NFT project before investing in it. 

The portion mentioned above describes everything you should about cryptocurrency scams.