What Are the Most Challenging Cases for Lawyers?

By  //  December 27, 2021

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While every experienced lawyer will remember their individual most challenging cases, there are some types of cases that are known for being universally difficult to win.

That does not mean they cannot be won. After all, any kind of case can be won on behalf of the client when an experienced lawyer is at the helm.

Still, here are some of the cases that are notoriously challenging for lawyers. 

Medical Malpractice Cases

Many personal injury cases are relatively easy to win.

For instance, if you are involved in a car crash, medical records of your injuries, photographs of the accident scene, and witness testimonies can help to prove that you are entitled to compensation to cover things like medical expenses and loss of earnings. 

Personal injury cases can be won more easily when you have an experienced law firm on your side, such as the Michael Chambers law firm.

But when it comes to personal injury cases that involve medical malpractice, it can often be much more challenging to win.

That does not mean experienced lawyers cannot be successful. They often are. But it does mean proving negligence or liability is tougher than with other types of personal injury cases. The litigation process alone is difficult to navigate.

If you or your loved one experience an injury or health problem due to medical malpractice, make sure you hire a lawyer who has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success with those types of cases.

Drug Cases

According to the latest statistics from Statista, in 2019, there were nearly 184,000 people in state prisons in the United States due to drug offenses.

Compare that to the 19,000 that were in state prisons during 1980, and you can see just how much drug offenses have become more prevalent.

In addition to the increase in drug use being responsible for the high numbers, another reason so many end up in jail due to drug offenses is the fact that the cases are challenging for lawyers to defend.

The main problem for lawyers is it is difficult to beat a charge because there are so many ways for offenders to get caught. They could be arrested for making a purchase, being in possession, or intending to supply.

Even if offenders are caught with small amounts of drugs and charged with minor possession, they could soon get caught up in bigger cases in which the police or even the feds are looking to arrest the big players at the top. 

And if the police have a search warrant and find drugs on a property, it can be extremely challenging for lawyers to keep their clients out of jail.

Underage Sexual Assault Cases

Probably the most challenging case type of all for lawyers is defending someone who has been involved in sexual relations with an underage person. With strict laws in place, it can be very difficult to win such cases.

Typically, lawyers have to prove that their clients have been tricked into having sexual relations by the minor involved, which is extremely rare.

Furthermore, such cases often gain wide media coverage, which makes it even more challenging for lawyers to defend their clients. Once the media get their hands on such cases, general opinion convicts the accused before they even get to trial. 

Also, any kind of case that involves acts against minors will be challenging for lawyers because they will have to put aside any personal feelings and handle the case with the utmost professionalism.