What is Cisco Excess?

By  //  December 21, 2021

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Cisco EXCESS is a used hardware with some legalized description installed by IOS. Cisco EXCESS is not the reconditioned and restored market but rather a circular economy.

It means that when the hardware is used, instead of throwing it away and making it useless, it can be made useful by different means for someone else. Like Northland systems offer used servers and network hardware, one can get Cisco EXCESS from various sources.

Instead of throwing the hardware after using it, it can be recycled and reused again and again. This way it revolves in a circle and a large number of users can use it. We can say that Cisco EXCESS is more of a circular motion than linear because it can be used by a chain of people in a circle.

Types of Cisco EXCESS

Cisco EXCESS is classified into a couple of types. These are

 Unused cisco boxed

This is the type of Cisco hardware that is never used. It is untouched and unused. It is in its original box and works as a fresh piece without any background history.

■ Cisco reboxed

This is the type of Cisco EXCESS that has already been used and now it is being used after recycling. It might not be physically clean and perfect. There might be dents and scratches on its surfaces. However, there will not be any fault in its operations and it will perform its functions perfectly.


Hardware will be categorized as Cisco excess if it is at least two years old. Cisco can categorize any hardware as Cisco excess by examining if it is a genuine Cisco gear or is two years old.

If there is a Cisco part that has a number with -WS at the end, it is also a part of the excess program. If you are looking for well-conditioned hardware, it is called “Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment”. Or CCRE, which is the refurbished hardware directly from Cisco.

To identify the Cisco refurbished hardware, you can check the number with -RF at the end. The refreshed product by cisco offers the equipment which is redeveloped by cisco. 

These products can be identified by the number -RF at the end. The Cisco excess hardware might not look brand new and fully modified but still, its performance will be at its peak. It will give 100% performance and for resale, it will be relicensed by Cisco.

Is Cisco EXCESS Beneficial?

Cisco EXCESS is helping a lot of businesses to save thousands on their IT purchases. But most businesses are not taking advantage at this stage. Even though buying used can save them up to 80% on their hardware, what is challenging is the switch to Cisco excess. 

Some questions need to be addressed by such companies for switching to Cisco.

1. Will I be able to SMARTnet to his gear?

2. Would we save that much?

3. How can we find a Cisco excess seller?

The good news is that these questions are simple to answer, and switching to Cisco excess has never been easier. 

When you buy Cisco EXCESS equipment, your hardware comes from Cisco with valid IOS software. It is relicensed by Cisco and is guaranteed to be SMARTnet eligible. The savings are also huge and making the switch to Cisco EXCESS can save your company up to 80% on all of your purchases.

Key Points

Here are a few key pieces of information about Cisco EXCESS.

All these products are able for SNTC support. These are authorized by Cisco. 

All these products perform their functions perfectly. There might be a few physical imbalances or scratches but it works properly.

Final Thoughts

These are the detailed specifications and explanations about Cisco EXCESS. You can get this used hardware equipment from various sources. This will be helpful for you in saving costs and working smartly.