World’s Leading Bitcoin Debit Cards!

By  //  December 23, 2021

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Bitcoin debit card is a new arrival in the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin debit cards can completely revolutionize the entire essence of this virtual currency in the financial segment. The world’s leading bitcoin debit card offers very few withdrawal fees and numerous perks like rewards and bonuses in the form of digital currencies. 

An ideal debit card offering cryptocurrency services should offer a handsome diversity of cryptocurrency payments. For example, one should pay for every popular altcoin using an appropriate bitcoin debit card. To acquire a detailed overview regarding cryptocurrency trading, check Push Money. In addition, these cryptocurrency debit cards must have a total extent of security. Here are some of the world’s leading bitcoin debit cards; let’s have a look. 


We all know Coinbase as the largest cryptocurrency exchange that operates globally. Besides offering VIP services to the customers, the trustable exchange has released its bitcoin debit card.

The cryptocurrency debit card of the coin base supports more than eight cryptocurrency payments. In short, you can use this debit card to pay with all of the famous digital currencies. Furthermore, for each transaction, Coinbase offers a 4% return as the reward of the transaction. 

Coinbase is one of the authentic foreign exchanges that demonstrates the authenticity of this debit card. 

One can use this debit card anywhere, and it also accepts visas. The list of cryptocurrencies supported by this debit card is enormous. However, to buy this Coinbase debit card, you need a verified account on the Coinbase exchange. A user has to complete KYC to do verification on Coinbase. 

Block Card!

The withdrawal or transaction fees on block cards are significantly less. Unlike other bitcoin debit cards, it does not have a fixed amount for every transaction, and it levies a monthly fee for using the card. The monthly fee for a block card is just $5. 

Block card supports four more cryptocurrencies as of the coin base bitcoin debit card. As discussed above, coin base returns 4% of the transaction amount as a reward; block card return almost 6% cash. Therefore, low transaction fees are the primary reason you prefer this card over any other card. However, similar to Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, it also needs KYC. Therefore, all users must have ternio tokens in their cryptocurrency cards.   


Wirex is famous for supporting more than 20 cryptocurrency transactions. The withdrawal fee is up to 1%. Wirex offers the least amount of cashback. However, there is no monthly subscription in the wires bitcoin debit card. To make the transaction using a Wirex bitcoin debit card, you should have WXTs in your account.

The bitcoin as mentioned above debit cards necessitate you to retain a small amount of balance in the card for earning rewards. But in wires, you don’t need to retain any minimum balance for earning rewards. 


BlockFi is the most affordable and cost-efficient bitcoin debit card. In BlockFi bitcoin debit, you don’t have to pay a single fee as a monthly or annual subscription. The rewards in this debit card vary from 1% to 3.5%. BlockFi is an excellent choice for novices. The only drawback of using BlockFi over any other bitcoin debit card is that you can only pay in bitcoin and not in any other cryptocurrency. 

Similar to conventional credit cards, BlockFi also comes up with a limit. Besides 3.5% rewards in the first 90 days of subscription, users can avail of multiple rewards and bonuses. 


Binance is the only foreign exchange that supports a large number of cryptocurrencies. The debit card of the Binance exchange also supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies. All the more, it rewards an 8% amount of the transaction as a cashback. 

The transaction fees of the Binance debit card is way less than the Coinbase debit card. A user doesn’t need to buy any monthly or annual plan; one can convert a cryptocurrency to another virtual coin. The binance debit card is merely valid in Europe and no other countries. To get the cashback, a user must have some amount in the official currency of the Binance exchange Binance coin. 

Summing up!

 Besides the above-listed bitcoin debit cards, several other bitcoin debit cards exist. But bitcoin, as mentioned above, debit cards are one of the most secure and authentic. Moreover, most bitcoin debit cards are utterly flexible as one can use them just like a conventional visa debit card.