World’s Leading Bitcoin Mining Pools!

By  //  December 25, 2021

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Anyhow, bitcoin has managed its top spot regarding a market cap and market value. Besides being a volatile trading instrument and futuristic investment asset, bitcoin is also famous for bitcoin mining. Check authentic apps like the imminent bitcoin crash.

With bitcoin mining helping people make millions of dollars in a single year, the existence of mining pools is also getting stronger. Let’s get a detailed overview of the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining pools. 

Ant pool!

Ant pool, the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining, is responsible for contributing more than 20% of the hash rate in the blockchain of bitcoin. As ants work together to build their home during summers and winters, the ant pool comprises thousands of cryptocurrency miners who work together to find the solution of a math equation.

If you have some knowledge in the cryptocurrency mining space, you might have heard about Bitmain technologies limited. Bitmain Technologies Limited is a company that manufactures application-specific integrated circuits. 

ASICs are specifically designed for mining and aerospace research. Ant pool has over 3009 Peta hash per second overall standing hash rate. After the ban on bitcoin mining, this Chinese-based mining pool looks forward to operating in different countries like Texas and Kazakhstan.

Texas has hosted most cryptocurrency mining pools that emerged from China after the ban. Texas is offering some special offers to these mining pools alongside vivid facilities. In short, Texas is on its way to becoming the next bitcoin mining hotspot. 

BTC. Com!

Bitmain Technologies Limited is a giant cryptocurrency industry. It owns two leading bitcoin mining pools and is the most famous ASIC manufacturer with the most extensive user base. BTC. Com entered very late in the industry but still managed to eradicate the user base of existing mining pools. There are a few methods through which mining pools share the rewards, and FPPS is very convenient and profitable for the miners. pays the cryptocurrency miner with the FPPs methodology. FPPS stands for full pay per share. The miner’s reward through the FPPS method is much higher than other rewarding methods. The overall standing of is 5.88 exahash per second. 


As the name suggests, BTC.TOP is one of the mining pools. BTC.TOP came in 2017 even after BTC.Com but still has acquired an enormous miner base. However, Bitmain technology limited does not own this mining pool. 

BTC.TOP comes under the category of a few bitcoin mining pools that allows you to mine bitcoin hard forks like bitcoin cash as well—the hash rate of BTC.TOP is nearly equal to as of ant pool. But ant pool managed to create 18 blocks on the bitcoin blockchain whereas BTC. So, TOP managed to generate 13% of the blocks on a bitcoin blockchain in the past six months.     


ViaBTC is the only famous bitcoin mining pool to mine many cryptocurrencies. You can mine any famous altcoin with this mining pool, for example, LTC, Ether, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash. Despite being an all-in-one cryptocurrency mining pool, it created 11.5% of blocks on the bitcoin blockchain in just six months.

In short, ViaBTC is very robust when it comes to bitcoin mining. The current standing of ViaBTC is 2.772 exahash in a single second. ViaBTC further consists of many mining pools that help you mine different cryptocurrencies. 


People consider ant pool as the oldest and most robust cryptocurrency pool. However, the fact might amaze you that slush has been operating since bitcoin’s release.

The creator of the Slush mining pool listed this pool on the internet in 2010, and since then, it has been one of the leading cryptocurrency mining pools. Even after a considerable period, slush has maintained most of its miner base.

 The arrival of other cryptocurrency mining pools has affected its miner base, but still, it managed to create 10% blocks on the bitcoin blockchain. The overall standing of ViaBTC is greater than slush. Maintaining a similar miner base for ten years is not that easy. Slush is a good mining pool with tons of positive reviews. 

These are the world’s leading mining pools.