Discover How to Find Mugshots Within Minutes

By  //  January 18, 2022

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Committing a crime, is taken to a police station, he/she goes through a booking process. During the booking stages, the arresting agency takes photographs of the suspect. These photos are called “mugshots” and in most cases, they are available to the public. You can find mugshots online, and here is how to get the fastest search results.

Are mugshots available to the public?

In the United States, there are certain personal records that can be viewed by the public. Arrest records are on this list, so you can access them. As we mentioned, mugshots are a part of arrest records, so you can view people’s mugshots.

However, arrest records that are sealed, expunged, or registered to juveniles, cannot be accessed by the public. And so, many ex-convicts who wanted a fresh start are filing for expungement.

If you want to perform a mugshot search, you can do so by contacting the arresting authority. You can also file a request with local law official agencies to get access to mugshots. If you want to perform a quick mugshot search, a public records search website by the name of GoLookUp is the way to go.

How to find mugshots online

You can perform a quick mugshot lookup online, without having to contact law enforcement agencies. Online access to public records is quick, and you can find arrest photos within minutes. On GoLookUp, you need to enter the following identifying details of the individual in question:

 First name

 Last name

State of residence

The search begins immediately, and at the end of it, you will receive a full account of the individual’s criminal history. You will get access to all the arrest records of the person in question, including their mugshots. So, if they have several arrest records – you will be able to view them all. The online mugshot search provides the following criminal data:

Name and aliases

Reasons for arrest/s


The outcome of the arrest


The mugshot photos allow you to see who the criminal record belongs to, and that is why these photos are important. Also, you can discover why a person was arrested, and when.

Many people use a GoLookUp’s mugshot search to find criminal data about new neighbors, people on online dating websites/apps, potential business partners, and others. It is a tool that is mainly intended to help people get to the bottom of the truth, and discover if someone in their lives poses a potential threat.

Additional ways to find mugshots

The name-based search on GoLookUp requires users to enter people’s full names for a mugshot search. However, there are cases where users are not sure how to spell a name, or they misspell a name. The website provides unlimited searches, so you can perform numerous queries for no additional fees.

The system scans public records and aggregates data into an online report. The report is based on the data that you provide, so you might not get the results that you want with a name search. If this happens, you can use other directories that are available on the website: a phone search, an email search, and an address search. 

All the searches are quick, so you can get access to public records whenever you want, without waiting for weeks.