How To Renovate Your Hallways And Create A Beautiful Space

By  //  January 14, 2022

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A renovation is never an easy thing to do for any home or property. And when the time does come for a renovation, it is usually all the individual rooms themselves that garner the most attention. Sadly, hallways often get forgotten about or left till last.

This can be a shame as a hallway doesn’t need to be drab, bare, and uninteresting. Instead of leaving it till last, you can treat it with the same care and attention to detail that you would in any other room. 

But where do you start?


This may seem like an odd place to begin but nobody really pays much attention to their radiators anymore. Most people want one that is efficient and works. Looks seldom play a part in radiator choice and this is where your own decision making will differ.

Nothing is worse than a radiator that doesn’t fit into its surroundings. But more modern models of the radiator can come in all different sizes, shapes, colours, and finishes – it will blow your mind. 

You want to find a radiator that matches your home’s colour palette, is up to par with your environmental responsibility, and fits nicely – no matter if you have a thin hallway or a tall one.

You can browse all kinds of radiators on Trade Radiators as a good place to get started – or to scout for inspiration.

Change Your Flooring

Got carpet down? Or maybe you have laminated flooring? If your budget allows it you can always rip it all out and replace it – especially if it has not been replaced in years.

If you have carpets, you can easily go for another colour that fits within your home’s aesthetic (and carpets are fairly easy to replace anyway). For anything else you may need to get a contractor in, but if you are going all the way why not change it up for the next few years?

Consider The Flow Of Your Hallway

Unless we are talking about the hallway right outside the bathroom, not all hallways will need doors. Sometimes doors can be misplaced, or in a previous renovation, they have left a door in where there doesn’t need to be one.

For example, you may have a long hallway connecting your kitchen to your main living space that is common in countryside homes. In more modern homes, hallways usually lead to the bedrooms, cupboards, and other rooms in the home. 

Take a look at the layout. Some doors may not need to be there and taking them out can really open your spaces up, make them feel less claustrophobic, and make your home seem airier as well as more spacious.

Or if you do want something in place of the door, you can always use curtains, strip curtains, hanging beads, and other types of entrance markers. Of course, you will need to choose within the bounds of your aesthetic.

Decorate The Walls

As a last piece of advice, this is a bit more common, but decorating your walls with art or photos is a good way to spruce up a hallway.

Maybe commission some art of your own from an online digital artist or get a print you really like the look of. Make it more personal than just picking up any old thing you find in a store.