WATCH: Titusville Police Chief John Lau Provides an Update Regarding an Officer-Involved Shooting

By  //  January 27, 2022

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ABOVE VIDEO: Titusville Police Chief John Lau provides an update regarding an officer-involved shooting.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The City of Titusville has received several requests for records relating to a police matter which occurred on December 26, 2021, involving the death of James Lowery.

The City has promptly responded to those requests, advising the requestors that the records are currently exempt from the mandatory inspection requirements of Florida’s Public Records Law (Ch. 119 F.S.), due to the existence of an active criminal investigation of the incident, which is presently being conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

These records constitute active criminal investigative information which, if released prematurely, would very likely impede and interfere with the ongoing criminal investigation by FDLE. This is standard protocol for any law enforcement agency whenever an investigation of this nature is underway.

The City is committed to transparency and takes its obligations under Florida Public Records Law seriously. The City has responded appropriately to all requests for records and is in full compliance with Florida law. Once all investigations into the circumstances of this incident have been completed, the relevant records will be released in their entirety for public review.

We appeal to our Titusville community to be patient and allow the investigative process, by this independent law enforcement agency, to be completed so that we can assess the officer’s conduct based on facts and evidence, as opposed to conjecture and emotion.

Calls for “disturbance” and “trouble” within the community by professional, outside agitators do nothing to further the causes of truth and justice.

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