What Do Data Scientists Really Do?

By  //  January 11, 2022

Organizations these days are struggling hard to draw meaningful inferences from enormous amounts of data. This capability of transforming huge data sets into actionable insights have hugely impacted the way businesses have been running all these years and the way business decisions are made.

Because of this, businesses are hiring data scientists on a broad level who can help with all this. Due to the growing demand, a majority of the individuals are looking for a comprehensive data science course with placement guarantee that will help them to climb the career ladder faster.

Data scientists help organizations to solve business problems by sharing useful insights derived from data. By collaborating Computer Science, Math Skills, Modelling, Statistics and Analytic, data scientists find out answers to important questions in the interest of business and help them to make informed decisions.

Roles and Responsibilities of Data Scientists

The primary roles and responsibilities of data scientists are discussed below:

 Data Collection: The first basic step towards performing data analysis involves collecting structured and unstructured data from various sources. Unstructured data is unmeasurable such as responses of customers while structured data is measurable like a customer’s lifetime value.

■ Data Cleaning: Data scientists are involved in cleaning and validating data for ensuring its accuracy and completeness. Refining data helps in easy management of data and deriving inferences from data easily.

■ Analyzing Data: Upon cleaning the data, data scientists analyze data for identifying patterns and trends using advanced statistical skills.

■ Data Interpretation: The most important responsibility of a data scientist is data interpretation and finding solutions and opportunities in the interest of the business.

■ Communication: Lastly, data scientists communicate these inferences and findings to the business stakeholders through different channels such as dashboards, data visualizations and reports.

Popular Data Scientist Job Titles

Some of the job titles that are highly popular among data science professionals are:

■ Data scientists: They are involved in the data modelling process for creating algorithms and predictive models and performing custom analysis.

■ Data analysts: Their job involves manipulation of large data sets and use them for identifying trends and derive meaningful inferences to facilitate strategic business decision making.

■ Data engineers: Their primary responsibility is cleaning, aggregating and organizing data from different sources and transferring it to databases.

■ Data architects: They help in designing, creating and managing the data architecture of an organization.

Data Scientist Salary

On average, a data scientist earns around $97,004 in a year. The table given below shows the salary of data scientists based on their years of job experience.

Experience (Years) Salary (USD)
<1 year $85,000
1-4 years $96,000
5-9 years $110,000
10-19 years $122,000
20+ years $134,000

Upon going through this article we’re sure that you are now wwii acquainted with the exact roles and responsibilities of data scientists and what exactly they do.