Best Nootropics in 2022: Thesis Customized Nootropics Review

By  //  February 9, 2022

We live in a fast paced and hyper competitive world, where the pressure to achieve is never ending. What stops most people from achieving their goals is an inability to focus, not a lack of ability or intelligence. If our minds are slow or foggy for even one day, we might miss an opportunity to reach our goals and waste our potential.

Demand is exploding for ways to improve cognitive performance, and nootropics is one of the most quickly growing solutions. Nootropics are ingredients that improve brain performance and health. Different combinations of nootropic ingredients can be used to support specific goals, including improving focus, memory, and energy, as well as increasing confidence in social situations. 

However, “nootropic” has been used loosely to describe any ingredient or product that claims to enhance brain power. Because the nootropics category is new and lacks consistent regulation or education, there are many companies that want to capitalize on the buzz but offer low quality products.

Nootropics are not made equal. We’ve tested most nootropic brands on the market, and we’ve also dabbled in making our own blends. We recently were introduced to Thesis, a company that offers customized nootropic supplements.

After comparing Thesis to the experience we’ve had with other popular companies, we can confidently say that Thesis provides the most sophisticated, effective, and comprehensive nootropics system on the market.

Here’s Why Thesis Offers the Strongest Nootropics Supplements in 2022:

Thesis nootropics are the most effective because the company offers a comprehensive toolkit that is customized to your brain chemistry and goals.

Whereas other brands pack a number of ingredients into one blend and sell the same formula to all customers, Thesis tailors customers’ experiences to their desired benefits. Thesis is powered by the largest data set on nootropics. The team’s proprietary algorithm compares your responses from a short quiz to results from clinical trials, research on 127 ingredients, and data from more than five hundred thousand customers to give you the four blends that have the highest probability of working for you. The results are clear; Thesis has over six thousand five star reviews on it’s site. 

Thesis is supported by a world class team. The blends are formulated by a Yale graduate and the company is advised by neuroscientists from Yale and MIT. In addition, Thesis is the only company that has a team of nootropics experts that provide customers with free, ongoing coaching included in the subscription.

Thesis’ nootropic experts educate customers on how nootropics work, answer questions on how to take the product, and provide guidance on how to optimize their blends to ensure they maximize their results.

Thesis nootropics meet the gold standards for safety.

The FDA doesn’t approve dietary supplements, but there are a couple clear standards that distinguish the best quality nootropics supplements. Thesis represents the gold standard for quality and testing. Thesis’ products are manufactured in a cGMP facility, or one that follows the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, which ensure proper design, monitoring, and control of a manufacturer’s processes and facilities. 

In addition, Thesis nootropics products are third party lab tested. Only the highest quality nootropics brands receive an external lab’s confirmation that their products’ ingredients are pure and do not include any biological contaminants. 

What Will Your Thesis Experience Look Like? 

 Start by taking the quiz to find your baseline. The first step is to take a quiz on Thesis’ website that asks questions related to your biological information, daily routines, general behavioral patterns and mood, alcohol and drug use, and cognitive and performance goals. 

■ After you take the quiz, you will receive your baseline results and a recommendation for your Starter Kit with the four blends that are most likely to work for you.

■ In your first month, you will test each blend, one at a time, and will track your results in a journal that Thesis provides. You’ll also meet with a nootropics coach who will guide you through what to expect and how to take your formulas.

■ At the end of the first month, you will have the option to provide feedback on your blends and optimize your formulas ahead of your next box.

Thesis blends currently target Energy, Motivation, Logic, Clarity, and Creativity.

Here are a few interesting ingredients found in Thesis blends: 

■ Ashwagandha. Extracted from Ashwagandha root, Ashwagandha regulates our body’s stress levels. Ashwagandha provides a calming effect and improves memory, attention, and neuroprotection.

■ Ginseng. Found in GS15-4 Panax Ginseng, which is native to parts of Eastern Russia Northeast China, and the Korean Peninsula, Ginseng increases acetylcholine, which tied to learning and memory formation, and also helps the body adapt to stress, improves cellular energy production, and supports a healthy immune system.

■ Zembrin. Found in the South African plant Sceletium Tortuosum, Zembrin has been shown to enhance mood, promote calm, and improve stress response and memory formation.

■ Theacrine. Found in a plant related to the cacao tree and Chinese tea, Theacrine supports healthy cognitive function, motivation, and energy.  

■ Lion’s Mane. Mushrooms found in the United States and Canada, Lion’s Mane have been shown to boost cognitive function by improving both episodic and visual memory, as well as enhance mood, lower stress, and promote sleep. 

Is Thesis Worth the Price?

Thesis is priced higher than other nootropics brands we’ve tried at $79 for a subscription (or $119 for single box), but we believe it’s worth the price, especially when you consider the free coaching service that is included in your subscription.

In the past, we attempted to piece together our own nootropics system by buying individual nootropics ingredients and testing different combinations, but after a few months and many hundreds of dollars later, we were left with no real results and a lot of frustration.

Thesis’ approach takes away the guesswork and allows you to experiment with more than thirty high quality ingredients in a systematic way. You don’t need to pay for the ingredients you don’t want or need, and you’ll have a stellar team to guide you through the process.

Thesis also offers a thirty day money back guarantee. If you’ve been curious about nootropics but haven’t yet taken the plunge, Thesis gives you a risk free introduction. If the blends don’t work for you, you can optimize for your next month or get your money back, no questions asked.

For beginners who want the peace of mind that they are experimenting with the highest quality nootropics in the most effective way or for nootropic enthusiasts who want to find the best stacks for sustained results, Thesis is our pick for the best nootropic supplements of 2022.

Start by taking the quiz to find your baseline.

Buy Thesis nootropics.

What are Customers Saying About Thesis?

■ “I found this to be my go to energy solution from here on out. Thesis is the way to go. It’s easy to use packets keep me flowing all day. I have no trouble staying on schedule and completing my tasks throughout the day. I wish I would’ve had this stuff sooner. Great buy. You’ll love it!!” – Branden R

■ “Supplements are not my thing, but when I tried Thesis it was a big game changer for me! I was able to focus and tackle my task with gusto. I would definitely recommend if you’re needing an extra boost to get through a hectic work day!” -Sarah G

■ “Thesis for the WIN! I’ve been using Nootropics for over 10 years. Tested several thousands dollars worth on Amazon to include Genius Consciousness, Neuro Shroom, NooFlow, Tru Focus, Qualia Mind and the original Qualia, Cellucor C4 Smart Sugar Free Energy Drink, Cognisurge, and tons more. Nooflow was actually the best with the first bottle. After that, didn’t get the same results. Ultimate (sic) started doing my own stacks buying bulk from Nootropics Depot. That said, Thesis has the best pre formulated nootropics I’ve taken and they work consistently. I’m currently using the Motivation, Energy, Creativity packs. So far, very, very good sustained results.” -RealTopTrader  

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