PTSD and Ketamine: How it Can Help

By  //  February 6, 2022

There are many mental conditions that can have a profound impact on a person’s life and can also seriously affect the lives of their loved ones. One of these is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, and this is a condition that is far more common than many people realize.

In the United States alone, around 3.6 percent of adults experience the symptoms of PTSD each year according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

There are various things that can cause PTSD, and for around 36 percent of sufferers, the symptoms can cause serious issues. There are also different options when it comes to treatment for PTSD including the use of ketamine. This is a fairly new option in terms of treatment, and it is a treatment that can make a big positive difference to those who experience PTSD symptoms. In this article, we will look at PTSD and ketamine, and how this treatment can help.

How Ketamine Can Help

There are various ways in which ketamine can help those who experience PTSD symptoms, and while it is a relatively new addition to treatment options, it is fast becoming a popular one. It is a form of psychedelic drug therapy with therapeutic benefits, and it has actually been proven to be effective of many years.

Ketamine results in a dissociative experience that enables sufferers of PTSD to tackle the trauma internally. This makes it easier for them to deal with their emotions in a way that they may not have been able to do in the past. There is still more research ongoing into exactly how ketamine works to help those with PTSD, but there have been many positive results from its use.

There are various symptoms that you may experience when you suffer from PTSD, and these can often be debilitating and can have a profound negative impact on life quality. The effects of these symptoms can impact all aspects of your life and can take their toll on those around you as well.

Ketamine can help with a wide range of symptoms associated with PTSD, and this means that it can help to improve the lives of sufferers on many levels. Some of the symptoms that it can help with include:

■ Continued negative thoughts

■ Instances of hypervigilance

■ Verbal and physical aggression

■ Sleeping issues relating to PTSD

■ Cases of chronic fatigue

■ Emotional detachment

■ Behavior that involves self-harm

These are all symptoms that are commonly associated with PTSD and can cause debilitating issues for the sufferer. By helping with these issues, ketamine can help to improve the person’s life quality and help them to combat and better manage the symptoms of PTSD.

Those who are keen to try ketamine for themselves can speak to their doctor regarding this, and there are also specialist providers that offer access to the treatment as well. It can be administered with ease either orally or through nasal inhalation, which means that it can be taken conveniently and discreetly at home.