The Best Helmets for Electric Skateboarders

By  //  February 18, 2022

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In conventional skateboarding, wearing a helmet is totally a personal choice and in electric skateboarding, this issue is the same. Although there is no rule forcing you to wear one when skating on your electric skateboard, I suggest you should start now. 

The head is the most vulnerable part of your body; therefore, even a small fall can cause several injuries or even traumatic brain damage. With a good helmet, most of the impact when hitting your head to other objects can be absorbed instead of transferring directly to your brain. 

An electric skateboard can run faster than an ordinary one; therefore, skaters are more prone to injuries, especially head injuries. Therefore, to get the best protection during your ride, you had better wear a proper helmet whenever you have a board under your feet. 

Some people refuse to wear a helmet since they think they will make them look bulky and less cool. However, there are numerous products on the market that are safe, attractive, and compact. So let’s figure out some of the best electric skateboard helmets in today’s post based on the recommendation from a website named eSkateBuddy



This is a full-face helmet that meets CPSC 1203 bike and ASTM F1952 certifications for helmets used in mountain biking and racing. The product is able to provide a wide field of view while keeping the full-face construction to protect your whole head. 

If you are skating in hot areas, I don’t think this helmet with a lack of ventilation is suitable for traveling under the sun. Moreover, the product is quite pricey despite the high quality so it is not affordable to amateur skaters. 


Are you looking for a strong and light full-face helmet? If yes, this multi-layered glass fiber shell e-skate helmet won’t let you down. If the previous product does not have adequate ventilation, the TSG Pass can draw the breath out and avoid fog up during the ride. 

The anti-for engineer together with the wide viewing angle will ensure riders with the greatest peripheral vision. Although the product has its own size chart, manufacturers still add adjustable cheek pads so that users can customize their own helmets. 

For me, this is the Best Skateboard Helmet since it has an appearance that is shorter in the front while wrapping around the head making it look quite stylish and more aerodynamic. Moreover, the helmet satisfies both ASTM F1952 and EN1078 certifications proposed by the International Downhill Federation so there is no point worrying about the quality. 



A full-face helmet with a chin bar that can be removed is a great choice to explore your limits. Technically, the Giro Switchblade MIPS offers you two helmets at one cost as you remove the chin bar. Despite the fragile look, the helmet satisfies the CE EN1078, CPSC Bicycle, and the ATSM Downhill Certification for electric skateboard helmets. In exchange for good protection, electric skaters have to sacrifice a lot of ventilation; therefore, you may want to use it on a cool day.



Conventional skateboarders are familiar with a half-shell skateboard and luckily, they are able to bring this in electric skateboarding. This Triple 8 helmet has two certifications satisfied including ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards and CPSC Safety Standards. 

For skaters who are worrying sick about the bulky look, this compact and stylish design will meet their needs. For fast riding with a motorized skateboard, the MIPS Technology that reduces the rotational forces will become super helpful when dealing with angled impacts. The only drawback of this Triple 8 helmet is the size chart which is not very precise and customers are advised to size up a little bit. 


Offering blue-collar special products for all skateboarders, the Watts has been successfully producing a classic Bern styling with a baseball-inspired shape and versatility in all seasons. Customers can use its product for the morning commute, on a bike path, or the evening beer run. 

The adjustable fit system makes these helmets more and more suitable for all head sizes. Thanks to the cute look, this Bern Watts product is nominated for the Best Kids Skateboard Helmet. Since it can be used all around the year and for several purposes, your children will absolutely love it.


Before rushing to the store and getting an electric skateboard helmet, skateboarders may want to go through the following tips to know which product will serve them the best. 

First of all, they must determine whether a half-shell or a full-face helmet suits them the best. From my experience, professional riders who travel at high speeds and over great distances often choose full-face products. The others who only commute over a short distance at lower speeds should use the half-shell version. 

Secondly, whether a helmet can fit your head or not depends critically on the size which can be determined by measuring the circumference of your head. A good helmet should fit the head perfectly and riders can not feel any discomfort during skating. 

To measure your head, you can use a measuring tape or any wire then put it around your head just above the eyebrows. From the length of the object, you can easily tell your head circumference. Next, let’s look up the size chart provided by the manufacturer to see which size is the best fit. 

Besides choosing the right size, a lot of helmets on the market now offer adjustable chip straps or cheek pads to make sure that riders have the most comfortable experience. When adjusting the straps, do not tighten them too much as you may find them extremely difficult to breathe or talk. 

Lastly, you must know about some safety standards for electric skateboard helmets such as Snell N-94, ASTM F1492/1952/1447, CPSC Standards, EN1078, and AS/NZS 2063. These are the most popular ones so that customers can check the quality of the product.