10 Tips On How To Organize Your Pool

By  //  March 10, 2022

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Below you’ll find some brilliant pool storage organizing techniques that will help you keep organized while having the most fun possible in the pool. They range from pool flotation devices to pool toys to pool towels rack and everything in between. We’ve also included some fantastic suggestions for having a good time in the pool, so have a look!

Owning a pool is a beautiful way to enjoy the summer, but it’s crucial to keep it organized. When there are children around, maintaining a pool might result in additional problems for you all to clean it up: soaked towels on the ground, toys thrown about the house, and pools of water all over the place.

1. Organizing Goggles and pool toys

Small pool toys & goggles can be stored in a box outside the pool area for easy access. You can use a net bag or even a plastic bucket with drainage holes to keep the toys dry while they are being stored. Alternatively, leave the toy out in the direct sunlight before transferring them to a Ziploc baggie.

When not in use, more giant pool toys such as noodles or floats should be removed from the pool to avoid clogging the filter area. Put them behind one toy bin or up it against the fence to keep them from blowing about the yard. If you have a pool shed, put them in there for safekeeping. 

Also available for purchase are several goods designed expressly for the storage of floating objects and noodles.

These are typically constructed of PVC & mesh fabric, with the mesh fabric acting as a filter. Alternatively, you may look into purchasing one, or maybe you could consider creating one yourself.

2. Pool towel storage

A couple of extra beach towels are an excellent idea if you are expecting many guests or if you are entertaining little children. Maintain easy access to them by storing them in a pool towel rack or one waterproof container outside or a basket or bin at the pool’s entrance, so they are readily available.

It’s also an excellent way to invest a little more money on higher-quality beach towels rather than the thinner, less expensive versions that don’t hold as much water.

3. Bathing suits and wet towels

Make a designated area for your children to hang their wet towels & bathing suits once they have finished swimming. The solution might be as simple as dangling them from the deck railings. Additionally, you can install hooks outside your home, a clothesline in your yard, or a retractable line that connects to the wall of your bathroom and laundry room.

4. Store Sunblock

Keeping a supply of sunblock and insect spray in a bottle is a good idea, but make sure you keep it indoors, so the sunblock doesn’t become ineffective due to the high temperatures. Purchase various products, such as face sticks, sprays, or lotions. Educate children on correctly applying sunscreen and keep an eye on them till they are ready to do it independently.

5. Bathroom breaks

Kiddos would regularly come and go from the house to the bathroom. It’s important to remind children to dry off before entering the house to don’t leave puddles all over the place. Although they will be drippy, even if allowed to dry up before going in, they will be drippy.

Ensure you have carpets down by the door and a rug or even a towel on the shower floor to prevent the flooring from becoming moist and slippery. The importance of this is magnified if you do have tile flooring, which becomes slippery and potentially dangerous when wet.

6. Drinks & snacks

Prepare your cooler pack with snacks and drinks before heading out of the pool for the afternoon. Even though you are merely going to the backyard, it will encourage the kids to stay outside rather than racing in & out of the kitchen, leaving a watery trail in their wake, as they would otherwise.

7. 2 piece bathing suit

If you have a pool at home, you can expect your children to spend a significant amount of time in swimsuits. Encourage girls to wear a two-piece bathing suit when going to the pool or the beach whenever possible.

Mainly when wet, these are far more convenient to put on and take off than a one-piece. If modesty is an issue, there are various tankinis & rashguard tops available that are cute and appropriate.

The following ideas will help you enjoy the pool area without having to clean up after spills all day, whether you are spending an afternoon swim with your family or entertaining friends. Hang them afterwards in pool towel rack.

8. Set up pool rules

Before anyone enters the water, we go over regulations and the ramifications of breaking them. One must have standard ground rules, which should include:

 Do not pee in the pool

Do not run

Kids are not allowed to swim without adults

No horseplay

9. Keep track of your toys

There is mesh hampers specifically built for swimming pools available, but any broad mesh hamper will do the trick! With the addition of velcro straps, you will be able to attach your pool toy cabinet to the pool fence. Advantage: Your toys will be completely dry in no time!! Even during the wettest weeks, there will be no mildew!

10. Protect your phone

If you plan on keeping your phone near the pool, put it in a Ziploc bag to protect it from damage. The touchscreen will continue to function normally through the plastic, so you can rest assured that it will be protected from spills. Keep a close eye on the phone, though, because it can grow rather hot within the plastic casing if used for an extended period, which can cause damage to your phone. 

These bags also are lovely for taking shots in the water while you’re swimming! Maintain a safe distance between the two of you, and keep a watch on leaks.


So if you want to stay away from these summer messes, follow these pool organization suggestions like using pool towel rack and stay organized.