10 Ways to Style Joggers

By  //  April 24, 2022

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Group of three youngsters running through a natural trail in daylight surrounded by trees and bushes in the late morning wearing t-shirts and black pants

If you thought joggers are just the people doing the actual jogging, let’s get you up to speed (pun intended) so that you are aware that joggers are also what we now call a style of pants that combines sweat/workout/athleisure pants.

Joggers are stylish enough to wear in public without looking like you just stepped off of a treadmill.

Jeans and dress pants play their role in our lives, but they can often feel too restrictive to be all-day pants like a pair of joggers that are loose enough to breathe and fitting enough to not slide right off. 

Sweatpants have a way of making us feel just a little bit too dressed down as if we put absolutely no thought into when we choose to wear them.

Joggers allow us to use that comfort that we run towards when we can’t wait to get out of our stuffy work clothes without feeling like we are making a huge fashion compromise.

Now that we have discussed some of the reasons why people are flocking toward modern joggers, here are ten different ways you can style your own joggers with other clothes in your closet to make joggers your brand new go-to piece of apparel.  

Black Joggers with an Oversized Sweater  

You can start off your jogger ensembles with an easy-to-match pair of black joggers on the bottom and an oversized sweater on top. 

This is a great way to stay warm if you are going out for a walk and it is a bit windy but warm enough to leave the jacket at home. 

Joggers and Crop Tops  

Feel free to throw on your cp tops, cold shoulder tops, or off-shoulders with your joggers that you could even get a little bit more dressy with if you so choose, and pair with heels that are open at the front and broad.

Black Monochrome Look  

Go all-black and make a sharp statement by picking up some black joggers and bringing them along with a black sweater tucked in that can look chic whether your hair is tucked in as well but underneath a baseball cap or a fedora. You can also show off your fresh hairdo,

Joggers and Prints 

Now it is time to spice things up with a cropped printed jacket or shirt that has some splashes of the color of joggers that you are wearing in it to truly make yourself an eyeful when you go out to run some errands. 

Denim Jacket with Joggers 

If you are on the lookout for a semi-casual look that doesn’t stray too far away from still being classy, wear your joggers as part of a stylish denim jacket and boots combo. 

Joggers Sleepwear 

If you are spending the night at a close friend’s home, why not make your clothing choice super simple and wear joggers as part of your sleepwear?

Now you get to travel light when you head over to their house and still have just enough style in your sleepwear that you will be much less likely to cringe when you look at the pictures that will undoubtedly be taken. 

Gray Joggers with Plain Black or White T-Shirts  

For a clean look that is flexible enough for an afternoon of shopping or an early morning workout, jump into some gray joggers and a crispy white t-shirt. 

The beauty of gray is that it is a mixture of black and white, so a black t-shirt can work just as well as a white one when wearing some casual shoes or athletic footwear. 

For one of those days when you just want to keep it simple, you can take the gray joggers even further and match them with a gray t-shirt for a monochrome look.

Joggers with an Oversized Trenchcoat  

Yes, it is absolutely fine to wear a long trenchcoat with a pair of joggers and not have to feel like you rolled out of bed and landed inside that long outwear item. 

You can even go all the way with this look and pull out a trench with joggers that taper the lower they get and cinch at the ankles.

High-Heeled Boots with Joggers 

Wearing your joggers with high-heeled boots has been a fashion statement for quite some time. Therefore, getting yourself a crispy pair of white boots or a neutral color like beige could pair up nicely with brown or gray joggers. 

Now hook up those two pieces with a plain white t-shirt underneath a chocolate brown sweater and a smart trench coat, and you are ready to take on the spring season or autumn with ease. 

Joggers with a Tucked-In Turtleneck T-shirt 

When it is wintertime, and you are looking to pull out the turtlenecks and keep as much of your body covered up as possible, match them up with a comfortable pair of joggers. 

This look works well for both men and women, and you can even mix it up with sneakers or a stylish pair of leather boots.