5 Essentials To Keep In Your Nightstands

By  //  April 24, 2022

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A nightstand can be an important part of helping you create an environment of peace and satisfaction that can help you rest easy. Nightstands serve a variety of functions from storage, to aesthetic accent pieces that help tie the look of your room together. One of the best ways to make sure you are getting the best nightstand for your bedroom is to understand exactly what you want it to accomplish.

This comes down to understanding what essentials you will be wanting to keep on your nightstand. There are so many different styles and designs when it comes to choosing a nightstand, that understanding which ones will best fit your life is to understand why you need them. 

Why Are Nightstands Important?

A nightstand is a common piece of bedroom furniture that is typically placed directly adjacent to the head of the bed. It’s something that may not seem like it warrants any kind of serious thought, however, these small pieces of furniture play an important role in what is known as sleep hygiene. 

Sleep itself is one of the most fundamental and important aspects of a person’s health. Sleep impacts so many areas of life. Good, rich sleep can help rejuvenate brain cells, restore energy, boost immune systems, and help to alleviate and improve your mood. Sleep hygiene refers to the area in which you are attempting to slumber. 

Even though the name sleep hygiene may make you think it has something to do with getting a shower before bed, it actually is all about your surrounding environment. Your enjoinment plays a big role in not only how quickly you can fall asleep, but the quality and time that you stay asleep.

That’s why investing in proper sleep hygiene can have big payoffs when it comes to improving your overall sleep quality. Increasing the beauty and quality of your sleep environment can actually increase the quality of your sleep itself. 

A nightstand is a huge part of this because it not only can be a beautiful addition to your room, but it holds certain essentials that can help to make your sleep even better. Here are 5 essentials to keep on your nightstand that will help you narrow in on what kind of nightstand you need. 

Lighting is Everything

When you’re trying to get the best quality sleep you can, how you interact with lighting in the hours before bed is important. In today’s modern age, it’s common knowledge that blue light from the many screens that permeate culture has been shown to lead to brain alertness that makes sleep hard to come by.

Limiting your screen time before bed isn’t the only kind of lighting tip that can help you achieve better sleep. Overhead, bright lighting before bed can make you feel stimulated and awake. Having a nightstand that’s large enough for the lamp is a great way to improve your sleep hygiene and the necessity for your nightstand. While you never want to damage your eyes by tiring to doing too much in low lighting, having a lamp that can give you softer light may help to improve feelings of rest and calm when preparing to fall asleep.


Another element that can be used to help foster an atmosphere of calm and rest is the power of fragrance. Keeping some aromatic on your nightstand that consistently reminds you it’s time to power down and rest is a great way to achieve deeper, satisfying rest. This could be a candle, your favorite flowers, or an essential oil diffuser. 

Allergies Come At Night

For millions of people, allergies are an unfortunate part of dealing with the season throughout the year. While it may be unpleasant to deal with allergies throughout the day, you can at least power through and stay alert. At night, response to seasonal allergies like an itchy, dry throat, runny nose, or stuffy eyes can be infuriating. That’s why having a supply of allergy medication, as well as your favorite tissues on hand on your nightstand is essential. 

Being able to have these items on hand means you don’t have to get up and go to the medicine cabinet in the middle of the night. 

Phone Charger and Tray

If you sleep with your phone next to you then throw an extra charger on your nightstand just in case you ever get into bed and realize you don’t have it on hand. What’s more is that having a small tray for all the small things, like a watch or jewelry is a great way to stay organized and relaxed. 


Creating the perfect nightstand setup comes down to what you want and feel like you’d be most comfortable with. Your nightstand is a valid tool to help improve your sleep quality, so get a stand that can not only look incredible in your room but handle the essentials you need it to.