8 Instagram Hacks Every Marketer Should Know

By  //  April 26, 2022

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Marketers are tasked with bringing the product and the customer closer, but different marketers employ different methods. Nowadays, we can say that marketers have been spoiled for choice when it comes to marketing opportunities. 

Always be on the look to gain an edge over your competitors with creative names, bios, and engaging content. Lastly, there are sites where you can buy Instagram followers with Paypal, to kickstart your page.

Having said that, one of the most fertile grounds for marketing is social media. Many marketers shape their decision about which social media to use by taking a glance at their potential customer demographic. Those that target the 25- 34 age group make Instagram their main marketing focus. 

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Instagram boasts over 2 billion monthly users and it’s no wonder why markers are rushing to the party. If you are a marketer that wants to improve their Instagram marketing game, you are in luck. Here are 8 Instagram hacks that every marketer should know.

The Hashtag Trick

The addition of hashtags to your posts boosts engagement from followers and non-followers alike and the more hashtags you have, the better. As an experienced marketer, you probably know that you can add up to 30 hashtags to a post. Of course, you might think that 30 hashtags on a post will make it look showy, but, there’s a way to incorporate this trick.

To make your post look organized while also incorporating a myriad of hashtags, simply tap 123 and add dashes or dots to push the hashtags down so that only the captions are visible. The hashtags will remain hidden unless the person presses the show more option.

Utilize the Arsenal of Free Tools

There are many free apps and tools online that specialize in improving your marketing reach. Using free Instagram tools like hashtags generators, profile analyzer, and engagement rate calculator is surely going to up your marketing game and enable you to come up with more creative content while also providing analytics.

Always be on the look to gain an edge over your competitors with creative names, bios, and engaging content.

Comments Over Likes

Comments surpass likes on nearly every social media and your followers demand connection rather than advertisements. Drop a comment here and there on your posts and engage with your fans as that shows that you care about the experience rather than just promoting a product.

Organize Your Time 

If you are looking to maximize your marketing potential on Instagram, it’s important to know how you spend time. When you have a clear idea of how much time you spend on Instagram per day, you can create a schedule that can work for you. 

To do this, open your profile and click on the menu. Then, click on the activity and all the information will be laid out before your eyes. 

Save Posts

Nothing can inspire like an older successful post that sparked the comment section. It’s important to take a trip back to memory lane every once in a while to see what worked and what didn’t, and that’s why saving posts is a must.

To save posts simply open up the post you want to save and tap the bookmark icon right under the post. You can then decide whether you want to add the post to a pre-existing category or to create a new one by pressing the plus sign.

Block Unwanted Comments

It’s important to not let hateful comments, advertisements, or spam trickle through the sieve in your Instagram comment section. Isolating unwanted comments is easily done by inserting certain keywords.

To do this, open up the privacy and security tab, here you will find comment control. Turn on the “turn off offensive comments” option and add words, phrases, and symbols that you don’t want to see in your comments and Instagram profile.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Instagram allows for the management of up to five accounts on a single device and this is great for marketers that want to cover more ground.

Open up your settings and find the add account option, and you’ll be taken to a new login page where you can insert your account information. Now you can switch accounts seamlessly by holding the profile tab in the bottom right corner.

Provide Links in Your Bio

If you have websites or blogs it’s important that people can reach them. Provide links in the bio to increase the traffic to the business’ website or blog. It also works the other way around, be sure to splash a link leading to your Instagram on all your websites.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a great marketing tool if used correctly. With each update, marketers need to adapt to the newly added features and create new marketing possibilities. With that, we conclude our article and wish you the best of luck on your marketing journey.