An Essential Dissertation Guide for Business Students

By  //  April 23, 2022

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A dissertation is a very long- research-based final year task that contains ten to twenty thousand words on a specific topic. A topic could be of student’s choice or it could be assigned by the professor, teacher or any department.

Purpose of writing a dissertation

The main purpose of the dissertation is to answer the question. A dissertation answers a particular research question and can either be reported in an empirical study or on a literature-based study.

It is a very important task for the students not only because it is linked with graduation, but it improves a lot of skills among the students. Such as:

 Communication skills

Enhance research ability

Writing skills

Time management skills

Critical thinking skills

How dissertation is beneficial for final students

As discussed above, a dissertation is a way to enhance different kinds of skills and these skills can be improved in every student whether a student relates to the business department or management department. However, business students also enhance other skills with the help of dissertation which are:

Pursuing interests

One of the main benefits is that writing a dissertation will help you to come up with new and unique ideas that can seem helpful in your future.

It allows students to research in-depth that grows thinking ability among students.

Developing crucial skills

Skills like communication, research, writing, time management, critical thinking skills, and many more skills will be enhanced while writing a dissertation.

It will also enable business students to defend themselves when they got stuck in any crucial situation because after completing the dissertation, all you need to present in front of the department and justify your answer.

Be your own boss

Once you become good at writing a dissertation, then you don’t have to worry about the job or employment because it will grow huge skills among you through which you can provide your own services to the students.

You can be a professional essay writer, professional dissertation writer, professional assignment writer and many more because once you become good at dissertation writing then you also become good in these tasks.

Guide you for your future

Many students don’t know what to do after graduation. Once you pursue your interest in dissertation or research-based tasks, you might feel easy while discovering something you like to pursue.

It will help you to select one of the best things that can secure your future.

Dissertation writing steps for business students

Choose a relevant topic

This is the initial and important step that should be taken carefully. Although, sometimes it takes a lot of time because choosing a topic is the most complicated task. This is the reason; most of the students even look for online services that can provide them with some top dissertation topics in business studies.

Therefore, before start working on any topic, do enough research about it because you needed a topic on which you can write 10,000 to 20,000 words and it should be written attractive or impressive.

To make it impressive you must have to:

Do enough research

Choose a topic that is unique and clear

Choose a topic about which you already know something. It will help you to distinguish the relevant and irrelevant information.

Discuss with your member or instructor for better guidance.

Make a proposal

Have you ever questioned yourself what is the reason behind writing a proposal? It is the backbone of entire research project (DWH, 2022). Basically, a proposal is a method that can help you to proceed to the next process which is to start writing a dissertation. Therefore, it is very important to keep your proposal straight to the meaning that provides the background information of your dissertation.

A proposal must contain:

An introduction to your topic

An introduction to your aims

Literature review




Structure your dissertation

Here you will start writing your business dissertation by following the proper pattern and format of a dissertation. In this entire section, you must put the data that will support or conflict with your statement. Therefore, you need to go for deeper research so you can justify your answer in the best way.

To make it clear and understandable to the reader, you must have to write a dissertation according to the structure which is given below (Atherton, James, 2015):

Title page

Content page




Literature review




Mistakes to avoid while writing a business dissertation

Not following the structure

Completing a dissertation is not only the main thing. However, competing with it by following according to the proper structure is the main thing. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how well you have written, if you haven’t followed the pattern, it will be discarded and can impact your graduation.

Skipping the proofreading and editing part.

This is one of the most important parts which should be done after completing the dissertation. it will ensure you about the mistakes that you have made in the entire dissertation including spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Not adding the referencing section

Have you ever noticed why your documents show plagiarism? Basically, a document will be considered as a plagiarized document, when it contains information that has been already used for other documents. In short, to steal someone’s other data without their access.

Therefore, referencing is the only one that can save you from plagiarism in which you have to cite all the sources from which you have extracted all the information and used it in your document.

Final statement

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task even though it is for business or science students. it consumes huge time and strength because it is totally a research-based task. As discussed above, it contains approximately 20,000 words. Therefore, to make it easier, this article is the solution to writing a dissertation for business students. It will help them to write a dissertation effectively and efficiently.


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