Best Testosterone Booster Supplements For Muscle Mass 2022

By  //  April 29, 2022

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As you age, the chances are you may experience a drop in your testosterone levels as a man. When it gets to this point, you may also have signs of low testosterone which include less energy, low libido, and many others. So, it is best to get yourself the best testosterone boosters in the market to ensure you have improved testosterone levels. 

The top testosterone boosters can get your energy levels back up, help achieve lean muscle mass, and also improve your sexual performance. So, what is the best testosterone booster to do all this? We will look into the various options available in detail below so that you make an informed decision on these products. 

Editor’s Choice


 Made with natural ingredients 

It is a safe formula

Results are easy to notice 

Best Testosterone Booster Pills: Top 6 Supplements to Boost Testosterone Levels in 2022

1. TestoPrime – Editor’s Choice 

2. TestoGen – Best for Fast Results

3. TestoFuel – Best for Increased Energy 

4. Prime Male – Best for Estrogen Blocking 

5. Vitality – Best for Affordability 

6. Testodren

1. TestoPrime


It is a safe formula

100% lifetime guarantee

Made in FDA-approved facilities 


The return policy needs more clarification 

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TestoPrime so far has been considered a safe formula for boosting your testosterone. Since it has been widely reviewed, you would get that many people buy this testosterone supplement. Well, like other testosterone boosting supplements, this one also claims 

to help you achieve lean muscle mass and improve muscle growth in addition to boosting testosterone. Relief from erectile dysfunction is welcomed also. 

The product features only natural ingredients vital for the safety of the users. Since no prescription is necessary to get one, it will be easy for anyone to pick it. The natural ingredients also mean you should expect less to no side effects. So long as you use the supplement as recommended, you will not have to deal with side effects. 

The 100% lifetime money-back guarantee makes it a top pick. Most people would end up enjoying the use of the product knowing they can get a refund easily. We recommend reading the return policy to understand fully how it applies. 

Since the product is made in FDA-approved facilities, it comes out as a reliable and high-quality product. So, buy knowing that the brand took measures to keep the supplement safe and free from contaminants. 

2. TestoGen


100-day money-back guarantee

Expect improved energy

Its results are seen sooner 


The brand is often slow in responding to queries 

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TestoGen is among the best testosterone booster supplements because it promises a 100% safe and natural product. Looking at its ingredients, you would see why more people would pick it over the others. It has ingredients such as D-aspartic acid, zinc, and fenugreek. These are all vital for improving your health and testosterone production without side effects. 

You may also want to get this product because it is easy to use. The manufacturer clearly states how you can use it to end up with muscle growth among other benefits. You are advised to use 4 Testogen capsules per day. No need to use more than four since that is enough to boost testosterone production. 

Some users might be worried about the results. Do not worry so much considering Testogen claims to help you see the results faster. Most users experience improved energy, focus, mood, and vitality within the first two weeks. By the time you have been using it for a month, expect to see major gains in terms of working out. 

3. TestoFuel


Improves muscle growth 

It increases energy

Can improve your mood 


A few complaints on delayed shipping 

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TestoFuel for the longest time has been ranked on various platforms looking into the testosterone boosting supplements. Other than boosting testosterone levels, we find that it is also good for muscle growth, increased strength, increased energy, and self-esteem. Of course, when you can deal with erectile dysfunction, you will have improved self-esteem. 

The product is also a good pick for those who want to decrease body fat. A dip in testosterone means that there is a slowdown in fat metabolism. The same happens to how the body regulates insulin and glucose. Too much accumulation of the two leads to the development of new fat cells. Even those working out in the gym more often would find it hard to do it right. The result is that you end up feeling more energetic. 

The ingredients include D-aspartic acid, vitamin D, and oyster extract. Each ingredient is vital for boosting testosterone in the body. Like the Oyster extract, it is known for boosting libido. It is also a rich source of zinc vital for improving testosterone production and your immunity too. 

4. Prime Male


Blocks estrogen and prolactin

Easy to use the website for new clients 

Can boost testosterone in a few weeks 


Shipping is not the fastest

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Just as the product name claims, it is easy to see how people would be intrigued to give it a try. The product other than helping you have more free testosterone levels will also improve your muscle growth, mood, cognitive function, and more. So, you would be happy to get it because of such many potential benefits. 

Unlike some testosterone supplements, you can expect to see some good results in a couple of weeks. One of the reasons should be its ingredients. The product contains the D-AA-CC vital for signaling the brain to release the Luteinizing hormone. This in turn increases the natural production of testosterone in your testes. Being a natural testosterone boosting supplement makes it quite effective. 

This is still the best testosterone booster with estrogen blocker. Such is vital for keeping the estrogen levels to a minimum and boosting testosterone levels. It does not just block estrogen, but also prolactin. When these two are blocked, you can experience improved performance whether it is an athletic performance or sexual performance. 

5. Vitality


It has no artificial sweeteners 

It is gluten-free and non-GMO

The product uses natural ingredients 


Not the best for energy boost

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When you are looking for affordable natural testosterone boosters, this should be on your list. It is the best natural testosterone booster still for having high quality products. Compared to other testosterone supplements, this helps in boosting testosterone production without necessarily having to deal with many side effects. 

The brand also claims to have no artificial sweeteners, coloring, and preservatives added. This is key to ensuring that the product does not lead to possible side effects and maintains user safety. The product is still gluten-free and non-GMO. Any person who is allergic to gluten should not worry about it so much. 

Looking at the ingredient list, we see options such as ashwagandha, Eurycoma longifolia extract, and more. All of them are key to helping you realize improved libido, confidence, strength, and overall vitality as the product name suggests. Expect to see some notable results in a few weeks.

6. Testodren


Can boost energy 

May help improve libido

Can block estrogen


Results can take time

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Testodren is another top supplement for stimulating natural testosterone production. For most people, once they get over 40, it becomes harder to have the best libido as before. However, such testosterone supplements make it easier. This formula comes with diindolylmethane crucial for helping balance hormones in the body. 

It may also improve testosterone production thanks to the addition of Vitamin E to the formula. The same would also help balance the estrogen levels. Keeping estrogen levels in check mostly in men is vital. Other than regulating the estrogen levels, it would also block more from forming. 

Those who might have had their sexual desire tanked would still appreciate the results. Now you can have harder and more sustained erections. The same also helps deal with man boobs too. Considering your energy would be sustained, you can experience the best fat-burning process. So, it is a generally good product overall to improve your health. 

Low Testosterone: Signs, Causes, and Treatment

Low testosterone levels is nothing to be ashamed about. Once you identify the signs and causes of low testosterone, you would then be able to deal with them even if it includes the proper treatment. 

Some of the signs of low testosterone include;

■ Low sex drive. Some men may start to experience declining sexual performance as they grow older. With a good testosterone booster supplement, you can now have improved libido. 

■ Difficulty with erection. Testosterone is key in ensuring that you get the best erection. With a drop in testosterone, you may experience erectile dysfunction. No man wants to experience such. 

■ Hair loss: A compelling commentary from 2021 — carried out, by Health Canal, some people have experienced hair loss due to low testosterone. Even if balding is common in aging men, make sure your testosterone levels are in the normal range. 

■ Fatigue: You may also start experiencing fatigue and a significant drop in your energy levels. People often experience fatigue even with enough rest. When this happens, it can be linked to low T. 

■ Losing muscle mass: Low T may also lead to reduced muscle mass. Studies show how important testosterone is to muscle mass. So, if you boost testosterone levels, there can be better muscle mass. 

■ Mood swings: When you have low T, sometimes it is possible to end up with mood swings. These mood swings are because testosterone affects many things in the body. So far, research shows how low T can easily lead to irritability, lack of focus, and depression at times. 

Causes of Low Testosterone 

A couple of things can lead to having low testosterone. The most common is stress, which people tend to ignore but it can have adverse effects on the overall body functionality. 

Other causes of low testosterone include

Injury to testicles 

Klinefelter syndrome

Undescended testicles

Type 2 diabetes



Pituitary disorders 

Treating Low Testosterone 

Once you notice you have low testosterone levels, there are a number of treatment options you may consider. Here are some of the options for you. 

■ Oral therapy includes swallowing capsules or tables based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. This is where the testosterone supplements come in. 

■ Skin patches are also an option. You apply the patch to the skin every 24 hours. The patch would release the hormone into the skin in small amounts. 

■ Gels would also be ideal since you simply apply them onto the skin and that is it. You are advised to apply to the shoulders, upper arms, and thighs. Ensure you have a wash first before applying the gel. 

■ Injections are often recommended by doctors. They would mostly be given every 14 days. It can vary based on the diagnosis. Some often describe the injections as giving you the roller-coaster effect. This means moods and energy levels tend to spike more often.

■ Pellets are the least common but can be useful too. They would be implanted under the skin around the buttocks or hips. These pellets would then release the testosterone slowly for about six months. 

Health Benefits of Taking a Natural Testosterone Booster

Once the testosterone booster supplements start to enhance testosterone production, you can expect to see some health benefits. Here are the reasons for taking the testosterone boosters. 

■ Improved heart and blood health: This is because testosterone helps in improving red blood cells in the bone marrow. So far, a study found that those with normal testosterone were at a lesser risk of having a heart attack. 

■ Better muscle, less fat: Studies show having normal testosterone levels would help increase strength and muscle size, and decrease fat mass. This is good for those in strength training. 

■ Better libido: Of course, this would be the primary reason for taking the supplements. Several studies show just how well these supplements may improve libido. This is especially for those with hypogonadism. 

■ Improved moods: A person with normal testosterone will generally be happier. Low T sometimes makes someone feel depressed, irritable, and fatigued. Research suggests how proper treatment of low T can alleviate this. 

■ Strong bones: There is enough evidence showing how testosterone is vital for bone density. So, it is vital to keep the testosterone levels up in the recommended range. 

Do Any Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

One thing about taking testosterone booster supplements to increase testosterone production is that the results will always vary from one individual to another. Some may claim that the products work while others claim not so much. 

A good testosterone-boosting supplement can claim to increase muscle mass, libido, and so much more, but what do reviews say? One of the ways of opting for a particular testosterone product is by looking at what others claim. Just ensure you are buying a product from top-rated brands such as those mentioned in this guide. 

So far, the US FDA claims that there are no quantifiable benefits of using such supplements, making some doubt if the supplements are good. However, that is not always the case, you will find that many people have positive reviews about the supplements making it possible for you to consider using them. Just make sure you are using the supplement as recommended by the manufacturer for the best results. 

Buyer’s Guide – How To Increase Testosterone?

If you are ready to buy the best testosterone supplements, there are a couple of things to consider. Let us look at them below. 

We cannot forget to mention reviews. Like a Testoprime review, it gives the instructions for use, recommendations from the manufacturer, and objective opinions about the product. Research more reviews to fully understand the product before deciding. 

The best testosterone booster supplements should have the right ingredients. Read the product label to fully understand what is used in the product. 

The company background is quite important too. It gives you more information about the brand’s reputation, safety, quality, and overall effectiveness. 

The price is key to also getting a good product. You can always consider the value of money. Not all expensive supplements are high quality, so read reviews and do more research to find out more about the product. 

Manufacturer recommendations are also vital, they may only release the product being the testosterone supplements for women. As a man, you would want to consider an alternative.

The return policy is also key. When you have a company that offers swift and fast returns, then expect the best experience. Of course, the longer the guarantee, the better. 


So far you have seen how natural testosterone boosters can be key in helping you achieve healthy testosterone levels. We always recommend that you also include a proper diet if you want to boost testosterone naturally. Keep the body active too through a proper routine and you should improve your overall health too.

Testosterone supplements are no overnight solutions. We always advise that you consider talking to your doctor first to see if you can use such supplements. Other than that, pick the best options from the list above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are testosterone boosters really worth it?

It all depends on the testosterone boosters you are using. If they are highly rated with safe ingredients, then you can find them worthy. 

2. Are testosterone boosters safe?

The testosterone boosters can be safe. If the manufacturer uses high-quality ingredients and is made in FDA-approved facilities, then it can be a safe product. 

3. How can I raise my testosterone levels fast?

You are advised to consider exercising, minimize stress, take vitamin and mineral supplements, get enough sleep in addition to taking the testosterone supplements to raise testosterone fast. 

4. What is the most effective testosterone booster?

The TestoPrime testosterone booster will be a great pick because it is safe and its effects can be felt a lot faster compared to when using the other products.