Can You Still Find Gold On the Beaches of Florida?

By  //  April 28, 2022

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For anyone coming to Florida for a trip, one of the main reasons will include the glorious weather. Floridian weather can be a little chaotic at times when hot meets cold to create wild storms, but it is generally a fine experience. With that in mind, many visitors will spend a healthy amount of time down by the beaches across the state.

While the golden beaches sure make a fine place to relax, another reason to go down to Florida beaches is to find gold. Or, at least, that used to be the case!

Today, Florida beaches tend to be less likely to be found on the beaches of Florida. However, given the sheer high traffic of many beaches, you can find surprising amounts of jewelry, precious items, and yes, even gold. This is why it is not uncommon to find people with metal detectors looking for long-lost objects from travelers, revellers, and even ancient shipwrecks.

This is why many people looking to buy into gold currency come to Florida. By finding some gold, they can get involved in the trading of precious materials through vendors of gold coins, such as SD Bullion. Why, though, do people come to Florida looking for gold on the beaches?

The History Of Gold On Florida Beaches

The main reason that people still have an idea for finding gold on the beaches of Florida comes down to history. If you know your state history, then you will know that eleven Spanish galleons came across Florida in the distant past. Laden with all sorts of jewelry, gemstones, and precious materials including gold, all eleven ships were shipwrecked along the Floridian coast.

Naturally, like any rumor, the idea of what was onboard spread like wildfire. Even today, with much of the wealth plundered by eagle-eyed treasure hunters, precious items can be found along the coast of Florida. Add in the ‘finders keepers’ regulations around old coins and other treasured items, and many go out hunting with everything from metal detectors to shovels and spades.

With millions of dollars lost on the shipwrecks, every storm tends to bring a little bit more of this bounty to the shoreline. So, many come to Florida to enjoy the weather for sure; others come to see what bounties can be found hidden amongst the beaches of Florida.

Of course, many items today that are found even somewhat close to ground level are simply items lost by someone else. The ships crashed in the 1700s, so today many of the items we find scattered along the beaches of Florida belong to people just like you. Therefore, if you find anything with a clear identifier of ownership, it might be better to try and find the outright owner before taking ownership of anything you find.

When it comes to old coins, though, so long as you are on public land and you have permission to search in other areas, you can enjoy some great coin hunting. Who knows? You might just have enough gold to turn it into a valuable keepsake that you can always have in the bank for a rainy day.